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A Popular Blogging Site Gets Bad Comments, Alert the Media

Let’s face it, most forum-like communities on the internet are pretty awful. WoW Forums? Check. YouTube comments? Check. Slashdot threads without filters? Check. There are some better communities and some worse ones, but I’m quite sure the better ones didn’t get their status by doing this. (Do check out the link, it is quite entertaining.)

A somewhat on-topic xkcd strip to make up for the lack of content today.

So your community got so big that it turned into a huge pile of bantha poodoo? Sucks to be you. In fact, you are pretty much the only one to blame for that. It’s what the internet does to popular things and if you don’t put a lid on it early on, you lose. Me, I’m pretty lucky to have a niche, intellectually-focused blog that pretty much only attracts quality commenters so far (love you guys!) but how can someone really be surprised by bad quality comments on a site like Gizmodo? What rock did this guy crawl out from under?

  • Just the other day I was considering a “I like this blog, why don’t you read it too?” post. Maybe it’s good that that didn’t actually get written. Then again, I’m small enough to not get many trolls either. But 2-3 is still too many.

  • I’d risk that ^^
    scrusi´s last blog post ..A Popular Blogging Site Gets Bad Comments- Alert the Media

  • The blog describes exactly what my sister and I were talking about today 🙂 Love the xkcd strip!