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Christmas Raiding

Blizzard poster Datth posted the following on the tech support forums a couple of days ago, hinting at the release date for World of Warcraft’s newest patch:

“We only provide mirror links for full client patches. Background downloads do not count. You have around 1+ month to download this file so we’re not really worried about your speed. :)”

Datth (emphasis mine)

This doesn’t really tell us a lot. MMO Champion’s Boubouille doesn’t believe it will take that long, and if it does, 1+ month is still very inaccurate. This could mean, however, that we get the patch right before Christmas. That got me thinking – who would want a content patch at that time?

Let’s ignore for a moment how terrible the content roll-out for Icecrown will be, and see it as a normal raid content patch. I know my guilds have always stopped raiding for Christmas up until new year’s, simply because players would have better things to do in that time. I know I do – I have, in fact, in my 5 years of WoW never opened those winter veil presents due to never logging in within the required timeframe. Some basement-dwellers might only spend a day or an evening with their families and then go back to their PCs, but surely the majority of players1 has some sort of family to attend to around Christmas and people to meet in the – usually work-free – remaining days of the year?

I suppose school children might rejoice at the idea of getting to raid new content during their holidays instead of having to stop early because of school next day – but I’m starting to get the feeling that the majority of raiders in WoW don’t go to school anymore. If I was Blizzard, I would never bring out new content right before Christmas but absolutely wait for the new year instead. Maybe that’s just me though. What about you guys? Would you raid during the holidays?

1 I suppose this is only true for players living in traditionally Christian regions. Players from cultures that don’t celebrate Christmas probably don’t care.

  • If they do then it will allow most raiders when they return to raiding to most likely have the first 2 wings open, but to my mind it's a stupid idea, let everyone have a break from the ToC hellhole, and get a relaxing break to come back with lust for raiding and the new patch that i hope drops 1 week after new years, but in all likely hood i agree with mmo-champ, i wouldn't be surprised now if the patch drops before xmas as they have now finished dropping major ptr patches, and are only tweaking stuff in their builds.

  • I saw in some interview that they said they wouldn't want to hand out new challenging raid content right before the holidays. So currently I'm a bit puzzled.

    I hope they won't give is Icecrown too close to Christmas. It will put an unnecessary strain on raiding guild where people have different possibiltiy to be available for raiding the new content those days, just leaving folks miserable and frustrated.

  • Drop it 1-2 weeks before christmas, let everyone faceroll the four encounters in the first week and maybe – if you're a more hardcore guild – farm them the next week too. Then go on holidays for 2-3 weeks and come back with the next wing opened.
    And all that even boosts pre-christmas sales.

    I can totally see this coming. Even better would be if hardmodes were active after New Year break – what better way to start the new WoW year than by forgetting about the whole ToC stupidity. Oh well.. I'm dreaming..

  • " Even better would be if hardmodes were active after New Year break "

    Ahahaha, dream on indeed 😉

    Datth's 1+ months would be right before christmas (or after that obv. 18th at the earliest.) How do you think people will feel about missing 2 weeks of new loot?

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