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End of Year Reads

I’ll admit it, I haven’t really thought about games in days and likely won’t anymore this year. If I don’t think, I don’t come up with content and you don’t get stuff to read from me.
Luckily, there’s a lot more to read out there. Here are some things that might interest you.

  • Keen looks back at the MMOs of 2009. Depressing but quite true. Also, finally a post again that’s not about Allod’s Online.
  • Evizaer has quite a thought-provoking post on self-balancing game systems. When that guy isn’t busy bashing other bloggers, he writes some good stuff.
  • Spinks has an interesting post up about magic compasses in-game. (And I was totally going to steal her idea of using a Captain Jack Sparrow picture with my post. I just failed to find a good one.) The post is good, if not terribly deep. I might try to expand on that topic in the new year, ’tis it is an interesting one.
  • With the year coming to an end, people seem to start talking about regrets. Keen (again) has some blog related ones, Carra talks about how Steam sales make people regret buying decisions. Me, I try not to regret things. If a game was good and worth its €45, it doesn’t make the game any worse if it can be bought for €17 a month later. I try to learn from mistakes if I can, but dwelling on them won’t fix anything. I have new year’s resolutions (even if I know I’ll fail at fulfilling them as always), but I won’t spend new year’s eve thinking about how 2009 could have been better. I’ll just make sure 2010 is 😉
    • I like your site when you're not bashing me. In all seriousness, I only bring up other bloggers stuff (aside from Keen who I poke fun at in like four posts) when i want to have a somewhat-reasoned discussion about something they bring up instead of just yelling opinions across the void.

      You also have an incredibly complicated sign-up procedure for commenting. It took me like seven clicks to simply be able to type into this textbox.

    • Why, thank you 🙂

      I believe the Keen drive-by shootings are what annoys me most (since they aren't used to make a point or anything) – but then maybe you have some sort of rivalry (or friendship?) going on that I don't know about.

      As for the comments – you're not the first to say that and it seems like I have to drop the comment system again.
      Personally I really like the ability to log-in with a variety of accounts (i.e. google, twitter, any open-id) and it stops all spam. I guess you can't have it both ways :/