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Friday Filler #3

I’ve been playing a bit of Torchlight lately after seeing Spinks write about it. It’s quite a good Diablo clone with a few nifty features. There’s a free demo available and the game itself is only €15 or $20 on Steam.

I might write more about the game on a later date, but for now here’s an important rule for your game design: Don’t put monsters directly on the entrance of a level if your game has loading screens. I don’t know how often I’ve already died in Torchlight due to alt-tabbing or going AfK on a loading screen only for some random monster to eat my character while I’m away. If you have to have loading screens, at least make the entry zones safe. Not everyone has the patience to stare at a rotating hourglass until your game is done loading.

Enjoy your weekend, your regular scheduled content returns on Monday.

  • torchlight was fun for 15 minutes, then I went back to the login screen and tried to figure out how to get online.

    you can't. all comparisons to diablo were immediately thrown out the window, regardless of how "clean" the game is. I never played Diablo in wingle player mode. what was the point, when there was an online version to be playing instead?

    they're currently implementing multiplayer, and I'll check it out once they rerelease it in it's full online glory.