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Friday Filler #6: Stop Stealing My Monies

You might have noticed that I was a bit ambigous about Star Trek Online; I didn’t hate it but I also didn’t like it very much. I haven’t played it a lot since beta – just a bit in the headstart. Now I entered my real key to start the 30 day free period and got quite annoyed. Cryptic’s system not only forced me to set up a recurring subscription, they also already charged a small amount to my PayPal account.

Cryptic, unless something big happens I don’t want to play your game after the free month. How many people do you intend to catch with their pants down that forget to unsubscribe? Is that how you pay for your game? Hyped box sales, lifetime subscriptions, and people who forget to cancel their subscription because they stopped well into the free month?

I don’t see the game keeping anything like its one million subscribers once the free month is over. Did Cryptic know this would happen early on and simply built the game for box sales only? Am I just being paranoid? You tell me.

  • Hooking people into subscriptions unknowingly must happen a lot. I always hated the idea of making us enter our credit card details before we’ve even finished the free trial of games. Shows how little faith some developers have in their products.
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