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Friday Filler

My Friday posts (not even to speak of weekend posts) usually get read by a very small minority only – so you won’t get a full post today. I have a question for all you healers though – and a blog for everyone to read if they do need more stuff to read on the weekend.

If you are or ever have been a healer you likely have been bored with that role at some point in time or another. Please post a quick comment on why that was. Well written comments have a good chance to land in a post next week.

And here’s your weekend reading: Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog. I stumbled upon this yesterday and it seems like a good collections of musing on MMO game design. Enjoy and have a nice weekend. See you all on Monday.

  • Currently I'm trying to fight off some boredom. It's coming from not seeing new content often enough.

    I haven't found a good raiding guild so I end up pugging and on my server, at least, it's not always easy to find a group….or the group is terrible and can't accomplish what they set out to do.

  • i clicked read more :/ – you could have least linked to a comic of someone relaxing! slacker 😀