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Quickie: Interview With Dustin Browder

There’s a neat (and long!)  interview with Starcraft II lead designer Dustin Browder up over at Game Informer. Five pages of detailed answers, go have a look if you care about the game and its future.

“I have not seen someone else be successful by removing economy. I have not seen other RTSes be successful by removing micro.” – Dustin Browder, Blizzard

  • nice read 😉
    i still disagree with many things they did in sc2. the campaign being one of the biggest. playing the campaign once or twice is fun… but its not the heart of the game to my mind and i think they could have done a worse job in the campaign to do an even better in the multiplayer.

  • Personally I’m quite happy with the multiplayer, even if some of the maps are imbalanced (and arguably some of the races *cough*zerg*cough*).
    I actually find the lack of attention they apparently paid to the campaign odd. They had “5 or 6” missions that didn’t make it in and another similar bunch that was completely remodeled. To me this number seems really, really low. I would expect mission designers to create tons of throw-away missions until they get it right.

    In the long run I’d obviously like a bigger focus on multiplayer and less of a focus on the (relatively short) single-player, but we can’t forget that the game needs to sell and I believe that most players will never set foot on at all. (or well, not more than they have to with the login system and all.)

  • maybe you are right. i personally do not know a single person that only plays these games in single player. it seems really odd to me. it is kinda sad that he did not have any numbers on this since those “unsocial” gamers probably exist 😉
    i think another thing that i never noticed is how amazing feedback achievements must give to game developers. so far i only looked at them from the gamers perspective but maybe thats not even the reason to put them into games in the first place. its like a survey you are working on every day without most people even noticing