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Quickie: Nope

Spinks asks us whether we play evil characters in RPGs and the title of this post is my short answer to that. My long one is here, a post from the aftermath of Dragon Age: Origins’ release in 2009. It details why I’m almost physically unable to play the bad guy in immersive games. I wondered back then and am still wondering right now whether I’m an awful role-player or just an idiot for thinking that way.

Oh, before I forget – Klepsacovic has the answer to this question in the title of his post as well and it’s quite a bit different from mine.

  • I am somewhat on the train as Klepsacovic. I like being evil every once in a while but most modern games usually dont let you (kill stuff you aint meant to kill eg). DA:O is a good example for that… sure you can make some mean decisions but thats about it.
    well and being evil in mmo’s is usually punished by gm’s. like scamming ppl or being rude in general. how cool would a rogue in wow be that could sneak up on everyone and kill them or steal stuff from other players? or turned around how idiotic is a rogue that can only ambush spider’s in a random forest and steal from npc’s that have nothing interesting on them. that was actually one major point for me leaving the game… a class that is build for stealth shenanigans, crowd control and stunlocks but that is turned into a mindless backstabbing machine when a real fight approaches.
    it would be really nice to free mmo’s a bit and allow you to actually steal from other players. how you implement that to not make stealing rogues the only valid class ill leave to you guys though :p