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Quickie: Remember the Dust

So my PC got quite slow lately and crahed in games from time to time. Everest revealed high CPU temperatures which I could fight with increased fan speeds for a while. Ultimately though I had to dismount my CPU fan and clean it completely. I always forget just how much dust a PC can accumulate if you aren’t careful.

Lacking the time for a real post, all I can give you today is this little reminder: check your PC for dust, you know it’s been a while. And look below the fans too, that’s where the nasty stuff is. Your CPU will thank you for it.

  • My laptop fan ended up braking over this actually 😛
    Intake is on the bottom, so it sucks up all the dust from the table. It came to a noisy end around the eight year and I had a lot of fun cleaning out all the dust…
    Also, huuuge wait time for repair parts from Korea, so I have to agree with this post.