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Quickie: TOR Gameplay

I found this link to an hour and 30 minutes of Star Wars: The Old Republic gamplay footage over at Kotaku. It doesn’t look bad as such, but it does look remarkably like the standard MMORPG menu we are used to by now. All the things we’ve learned about storytelling in the game don’t really seem to play a huge role in actual gameplay. Obviously this is far from the whole picture, but from the looks of it, ToR is a RIFT in space at best.

Update: The video seems to have been taken down.

  • I checked the link out a few days ago and and watched most of the video. It actually looks a little bit boring, but then again the player also procrastinates a lot. Still, many MMO cliches there.

    After I saw the name of the Firefox tab I avoided posting it on my Facebook wall. I wonder how long it will take before the link is “foxed” by BioWare.
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  • I’ve heard a lot of different opinions about ToR, It’s just way too early to make a conclusion without even a beta in place. Yes the menu looks pretty standard but how many mmorpg’s have a unigue interface? RIFT for example has the same standard and is doing fairly well.

  • RIFT is a very well done copy of WoW with very little innovation. That doesn’t make it a bad game (one could even say it makes it a good game) but there’s very little reason to switch from one to the other and even less to get excited about. ToR looks to be about at the same wavelength, that’s all I’m saying.

    @Chordian: Considering that it has been posted on major gaming news websites, my posting of it is unlikely to have sped up its demise 😉
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  • I also took the plunge myself and posted the link on my own blog, along with a few impressions.

  • Well they have probably gone for the same interface like RIFT or WoW since a lot of people are used to it, that can be either a positive or negative. It’s hard to predict which way it’ll go. The main selling point of ToR is the SW franchise and no doubt a lot of people will try it, but whether they will stick around…
    Taking a look at the steam statistics every week the number of RIFT players seems to slowly demise since the launch.
    Anyways I just want both games to be succesfull :p A little competition between the mmorpg games is needed with WoW still doing fairly well.

  • It’s not just the interface though, is it? Gameplay looks identical except that you have to click a few conversation options before you get to collect ten bear asses.
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  • Too bad the video in this post can’t be found on the webs anymore now that I wanted to analyse it further.
    There are some videos from the PAX (*unsure*) convention though where 4 different classes do a quest together and you can see the run from every players POV. Gameplay looks very WoW-like in those atleast.

    If the desicions you make do have a significant impact on your story that could make ToR stand out but I just hope they go into beta already instead of throwing more millions and extra months at it with little information to the community, this way we can all stop speculating 🙂

    But for now, yes it looks like this will be in the same “category” as WoW and Rift. For me personally that’s great since 1) I’m a star wars nerd 2) I’m looking for a WoW replacement once I’m done with all the new quests in the old WoW zones (while obviously ignoring the new raids in cataclysm). If I finish those before ToR comes out I might take a plunge into Rift.