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Quote of the Day

“My complaint isn’t really with multiplayer. It’s with the fact that I can’t stand teenage dipshits.” – John “CheeseDavid” Wong at

Apparently I’m not too old for video games just yet. Getting there though, some of those points hit pretty close to home. (Then again, the author seems to be mostly a console gamer.)

  • Hehe…not sure it’s so much the teenage bit as the dipshit though. you meet both great and infuriating young players in MMOs, and I think most of us (serious blogger people) can claim they’ve never belonged to the second group of lol-teens, no matter how long ago. well, I would. 😉
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  • Agreed, you don’t need to be teenage to be a dipshit and vice versa. That said, there seems to be a certain positive correlation between the two 😉

  • Yeah, that quote resonates with me too. It was the main reason I joined TOG.

    Reading the linked article, it struck me that the author highlights an assumption that many older gamers should question about themselves sooner or later. Am I just trying to replay my childhood? Which is probably a complete waste of time given I am a very different person now. If not, then what am I trying to get out of gaming time & do the games I play give me that?