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The Games Industry has No Clue

So apparently a games industry survey run in the lead-up to the London Games Conference revealed that Steve Jobs is seen as the person with the highest influence on the shape of video games today and the iPhone as the product that has shaped video games the most.

What the …?

There are definitely many people playing games on their smartphones today, and one could say that the other current types of smartphones have been influenced by the iPhone (and its app store.) Is that what we should consider to be the face of gaming these days though? Is mobile gaming on your phone bigger than each of PC gaming, console gaming, and facebook gaming individually? Is it fair to say that Tim Berners Lee has had only 15% of the influence on modern gaming that Steve Jobs had?

I think not. Either these games industry insiders are completely out of touch, or they simply focus on the newest fad in the how-to-make-money-with-video-games playbook. Or am I simply out of touch? Don’t I know what a gamer is these days anymore? Am I a dying breed? Was all the hype about social games just completely misguided and iPhone games are where it’s really at? Have people who make actual games (aside from Gabe Newell) had no meaningful influence on the shape of gaming today? What about one of the Richards (Bartle, Garriott)?

I call bullshit on this survey. What about you?


  • It’s bullshit. It is caused by people who have no incentive to look at the truth. It is a bubble, just like the ones in the stockmarkets in recent years.

    If you are an “insider” you have to babble about social games and mobile games constantly, because that’s your job. At some point the bubble bursts, everybody scratches his head and starts too search for the next big thing.
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  • Cloud-based socially-independent platform-independent RMT with real-life tie-ins through the next generation of digital devices is the future.

  • socially-independent, i like it! ^^

  • People on stages with bullhorns using a highly publicized recent event for attention? There’s no way Steve Jobs or iPhone can compete with the likes of, oh, I dunno, Nintendo for this. I mean, Nintendo was there at the beginning, and recently innovated controls with the Wii.
    Effectively: poll was a huge troll.

  • It’s not about the “games market” it’s about the un-tapped games potential market 😉
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