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Would You Play a PvP Only Game?

Today’s post is really just about me asking you a question: How important is single player content to you? You see, I’ve had an idea for a game in my head for a while that might actually be feasible to independently produce in my free time. The catch being that I would not trust myself to program any decent AI to play against. Lacking an AI, the game would have to be played against other players only.

I’m torn on the issue myself. I really enjoy playing other players, but it is also quite stressful and it can be really awful to learn a game while up against other players. Most PvP centric games offer at least some sort of training mode against an AI. Shooters allow you to play against bots and real-time strategy games give you a campaign and a basic AI to play against. I think the last game with pure PvP content I’ve played was the Starcraft 2 beta.

I could, of course, implement a scripted tutorial so that players at least get to learn the interface before having to fight others. The game concept would also lend itself to some sort of “target dummy” mode in which you simply get to try out the game mechanics without an opponent at all. Still, neither of those will be a very good preparation for what awaits in the dark depths of PvP.

So, without knowing anything about the game concept, would you (theoretically) play a game in which you have to face off against other players from the get-go? Which parameters would have to be in place for you to consider it?


  • Mmh, pure PvP with no PvE at all? I have a hard time imagining a way to do this within a virtual world. Players need to meet to do PvP, you know 😉

    A PvP lobby-based game? Sure. That’s like Counterstrike.
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  • It would be lobby-based, a VV is far beyond my modest means at the moment 😉
    Unlike Counterstrike it wouldn’t be something people already know though (the basic mechanics of shooters are pretty much know I suppose.)

  • Theoretically, yes, I would be interested in a PvP only lobby based game. Though I admit my willingness would depend on the learning curve and complexity of the game.

    For example, I`m quite happy to jump into an online FPS without having played it, but I`ve yet to play a single PvP match in Starcraft II despite getting it on launch day, because I`m way too intimidated by the complexity of the game, the speed required and how seriously people take it.

  • I already play a pure PvP game: World of Tanks.

  • If I did play one, it would be rarely. I’m not opposed to them, certainly, and I’d like to see more of them in the market, but they just don’t interest me much as a player.
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