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Aion, Comments, and Stuff!

First of all, a big thank you to all new readers and especially those that commented or buffed my posts. I screwed up on the comments, I was sure I had comment pre-moderation disabled. Turns out I didn’t and some of your comments got delayed. My apologies.

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Summer Raiding And You

If you’ve been in a raiding guild at all you’ve probably seen this. Everything goes great, your guild is progressing, people are attending, everything is fine. And then it gets warm outside. All of a sudden your attendance rates drop, raids don’t happen and raids that do happen get worse. People start coming late or […]

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Applying to Multiple Guilds

Matt over at World of Matticus just blogged about the question of whether or not applying to multiple guilds is a sin. His opinion is clearly that it’s not an issue at all, I happen to disagree.

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Investing in the Future of Gaming

I first heard about this idea in the aforementioned ABC interview with Gabe Newell but got reminded of it on sunday evening by Octale & Hordak. It basically goes like this: Instead of having business people invest money into a game’s production and players buying it when it is complete, why not have the players […]

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Sniping and Overhealing

Sydera has an excellent post over at World of Matticus about healing meters and how to read them. I very much agree with most of what’s said there, except for her views on heal sniping. The comments also bring up the topic of overhealing which I’ll address below.

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Healing Vezax as Enhancement

UPDATE: there are reports that this strategy doesn’t work very well any more. I have not tested this in 3.2, but be advised that it may not be a good idea these days. It was fun while it lasted. UPDATE 2: It is confirmed, enhancement healing is dead. Enhancement shamans receive a healing debuff similar […]

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Piracy – is it really a problem?

There has been a discussion over in the forums about piracy that I found very thought provoking. Personally I haven’t pirated a game in years and refuse to do so because I believe in supporting development studios. That doesn’t mean, however, that I think piracy is a problem at all.

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Welcome to Procrastination Amplification, my personal blog about all things gaming. A number of these posts will be about World of Warcraft as that is the MMO I’m currently playing (and that I keep coming back to), but you’ll also find me writing about any number of games that currently concern me for one reason […]

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