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Two Worms Salute Buffd on TV

It’s time for a mixed bag post. I will do these from time to time to adress issues that I don’t have to say enough about for them to have their own posts. Topics today: – Two Jormungar Moon shirt available – A salute to readers – – Never stay tuned 4

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Second-guessing Yourself

Matt, over at World of Matticus, tells us the following: “You never, ever, ever second guess yourself when you’re the boss. You can’t afford to.” – Matt To which I say “Nay!” If you don’t have someone to second-guess you, you will make the same mistakes over and over again. Yes it is important to […]

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A Theory of Small Steps

“I won’t get that item, it’s only a few more attack power.” “Why do I need epic gems? Nobody died when I healed with blues!” “I’m not moving from the lightning because I can easily heal through it.” Who hasn’t heard things like the quotes above in their World of Warcraft career? The idea that […]

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Resto Shamans in 3.2

The final patchnotes for 3.2 are out, as is the patch itself in the US. We over here in the EU will have to wait another day for our chance to fight not one, but TWO jormungar worms. Time enough to have a detailed look into what the patch changed for us restoration shamans. I […]

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Aion Impressions

Here they are, my Aion impressions. The post is very long but I’ve broken it down into sections so that you might be able to skip stuff that you don’t care about. This beta weekend is over but there will be more. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll try to answer […]

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