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Playing Single

I love MMOs. I greatly enjoy working together with other people to either beat a mighty computer controlled opponent or another (team of) players. I love the feeling of persistence and accomplishing something that will last and can be witnessed by my peers – even though I know the distinction between virtual accomplishments and real […]

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Friday Filler #5: Savings, savings, savings [Updated]

I have to be at the dentist’s (ugh) in half an hour and still I’m here writing this post for you because time is somewhat essential. As usual, the friday post will be short – today we have a collection of games you should try right now because they are cheaply available in one form […]

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Role-playing is hard

I have an admission to make – I can’t play the evil guy in RPGs. I simply cannot. I think I first realized this in Knights of the Old Republic when I tried to do a play-through of the game as sith, see how the storyline works out if I do so, and see an […]

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Christmas Raiding

Blizzard poster Datth posted the following on the tech support forums a couple of days ago, hinting at the release date for World of Warcraft’s newest patch: “We only provide mirror links for full client patches. Background downloads do not count. You have around 1+ month to download this file so we’re not really worried […]

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Like Butter Scraped Over Too Much Bread

If you are anything like me, you have probably been playing the last few months in World of Warcraft bored and annoyed with Blizzard’s decisions but didn’t stop playing because there was a shimmer of hope in Icecrown Citadel at the horizon. The issue with horizons is that, the more you travel towards them, the […]

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Downloadable Cashcow

A grand day in early 1999 – Tales of the Sword Coast was released, the addon to Bioware’s hit RPG Baldur’s Gate. Obviously I got it as fast I could, installed it and added 20-30 hours of game play to the already fantastic Baldur’s Gate. That was the common way back then to milk your […]

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So I’ve been playing Dragon Age: Origins pretty much every minute that wasn’t filled with thesis work, birthday celebrations, or raiding. It grabbed me right at the start, I’m immersed into the story and I care for some of the characters. That’s huge for a game that I had relatively low expectations for. Sure, it […]

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Where has My Voice Gone?

When I came back home on Sunday, Dragon Age: Origins was lying on my desk, waiting for me. (Thank you Amazon! Cross country shipping in 2 days and €15 saved.) I haven’t had a lot of time for it, but I really liked the time I did spend in the game. So far it is […]

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You Say That as if It’s a Bad Thing

One of my favourite (not) arguments against achievers is “They play the game to compensate for their lack of success in real life.” Statements like that can be read in many discussions and even blog posts and I always fail to grasp the argument behind it. Yes, I play games that include advancement because I […]

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Friday Filler #4

It’s Friday again! Today’s filler comes from and gives you an overview on what my blog is actually about. (And what words I really use too often.) In other news, I ordered Dragon Age: Origins (from the UK, €14 cheaper than buying it here or via steam. Thank you weak British pound.) with mixed […]

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