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Interactive MMORPG Combat

Tobold just posted on how the game of poker can be used to design a new, more interactive combat system for MMORPGs. When I first saw the title, I assumed that he refers to elements like bluffing and player interaction in general. Apparently I was wrong, he actually talks mostly about the randomness that a […]

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Magic Compass Revisited

Spinks had a post up a while ago about in-game magic compasses, tools that guide players to areas and tasks that suit their character’s power. These days, compasses come in all shapes and forms. They can appear as quests that guide you into new regions that fit your level, map markers that guide you to […]

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Star Trek Online – Final Beta Verdict & More

I promised you a final verdict on Star Trek Online before it goes live. The beta ends tomorrow and the head start period begins on Friday, so it is about time. You’ll have your verdict at the end of this post – but first: Latest beta updates & space is more boring than you’d think.

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Re: Rise of the Leet King

Tobold threw down the gauntlet and asked for posts concerning his Rise of the Leet King challenge. Obviously, I’ll oblige. Tobold wants to know what exactly people mean when they say that World of Warcraft should be harder and gives some pretty bad examples of how that could be achieved. For this post I’ll focus […]

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Not Your Granddad’s Open Beta

Back in Autumn I preordered Aion to get access to its beta, now I did the same for Star Trek Online. This model of handing out beta access seems to get more and more prominent, and judging from the amount of people in the STO beta it’s working quite well – at least when your […]

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Star Trek Online Beta Impressions – Missions and Mistakes

This is the second part of my Star Trek Online beta impressions. I’m pretty much through the content currently available in the beta, aside from PvP. That makes my impressions quite accurate for the current state of the beta, but keep in mind that things can still change until release – at least smaller issues […]

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Star Trek Online Beta Impressions – Combat

A constant topic in the gaming media seems to be that of reviewers not actually playing a game enough before writing a review. What’s even worse is reviewing betas and putting that out there as a full review. That’s why any review you see out there for Star Trek Online must be taken with a chunk of […]

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Telling Stories

Spinks posted an article yesterday dealing with player rewards vs character rewards. While interesting in itself, it caused me to think about something only remotely connected – the ability to tell stories about our game experience. Back when I was running the Magic – The Gathering tournament circuit, (Not very successfully, mind you. I only won cash once.) the […]

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Kudos, Blizzard – Or Was it a Mistake?

I have complained over and over again about how easy raid content in World of Warcraft has become and how I disliked the notion that every player should be able to see all of the content. I also complained about the roll-out scheme for WoW’s newest raid instance Icecrown Citadel and mentioned that all decent […]

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Welcome to the New Procrastination Amplification

If you can see this you’ve found your way to the new site for Procrastination Amplification. (Or you’re using an RSS reader.) I’ve moved the blog here from Blogger in order to be more flexible with the functionalities and to shorten the URL a bit 😉 Please take a minute to explore the new site […]

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