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Dragon Age: More of the Same

I finally finished Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening (How awful is that title by the way?), the expansion to last year’s RPG hit. When I pre-ordered it, I didn’t expect much more than an additional 15 hours or so of Dragon Age – and that’s pretty much what the expansion provided. I still took quite […]

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Re: Crafting Cooldowns

I’ve disagreed with Tobold a lot lately1 and I can’t help but vehemently disagree with what he said once again. This time he suggested that a crafting system based on cooldowns would make crafting more interesting, more fair, and wouldn’t kill the economy. I think crafting based on cooldowns is awful and in fact fails […]

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Complacency is Bad

I complain about video games a lot on this blog, or should I rather say that I attempt to identify and point out mistakes? Either way, I tend to list more negatives here than positives and that’s not something that has worried me before. Now Syp writes about how we take too much in our […]

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Gaming Prostitution

A friend of mine pointed me to an article on IGN yesterday as fodder for a blog post. The article is about a new website called GameCrush that allows (most likely male) gamers to pay money in order to play video games against girls. Apparently, $8.25 buys you ten minutes of gaming time or six […]

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Quickie: Aion’s Banhamminator

You may or may not know that Scott “Lum the Mad” Jennings currently fights spammers and gold farmers in Aion for NCsoft. Either way, he posted a link to an ad against real money trading (RMT, essentially gold buying) the other day which is hilarious because it’s so bad. Seriously, this ad is even worse […]

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A Post About WoW

So I’ve been asked by a (former?) guild mate of mine to post more about World of Warcraft, which is hard for me to do since I’m not playing the game anymore. I won’t bore you with all my complaints about the game, but I thought it might be interesting to write about what would […]

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Making Failure Acceptable

I’m back home and didn’t even break any bones skiing. When I came back I had about a million blog posts to read and I still have. One thing happened though that I actually managed to check out – Sid Meier’s keynote at the Game Developer’s Conference. There are a lot of interesting points in […]

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Unskippable Intros

Last summer I visited a friend of mine in Sweden and happened to have Fallout 3 installed on my laptop. Since he shares my love for gaming and hadn’t seen the game yet, I let him try it out. Alas, he didn’t even finish the intro-sequence in Vault 101 because it is so long and […]

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Better Space Battles

I pretty much haven’t played Star Trek Online since launch, and I never got past the free trial in EVE Online. Yet, I have a strong attachment to Sci-Fi games, and especially to space battles. Oddly enough, nobody ever gets space battles right. Sure, the STO space combat system is neat, but the dynamic in […]

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Wallet Voting

A common reaction to any dick moves made by publishers or game companies is to tell people to vote with their wallets and simply not buy the offending games. There’s also quite a large amount of gamers out there that complain about the fact that we are still buying games from those companies and are […]

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