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Why Addons Are A Good Thing

Gordon, over at WeFlySpitfires posted recently about his hatred of add-ons and macros in World of Warcraft. While he has some good points and add-ons surely shouldn’t be able to play the game for you like the Decursive or HealBot of old, I’m going to argue that WoW’s scripting interface has been integral to its success. And […]

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Quickie: Skiing & Starcraft II

I’ll be pretty much offline from tomorrow on, spending a week on skiing instead. I have regular posts lined up for you, so by all means drop in and read. I won’t be able to respond to discussion though, and some of the posts may feel a bit dated since they were written last week. […]

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Don’t Try To Frighten Us With Your Sorcerous Ways, Lord Kotick.

In case you haven’t heard, the heads of Infinity Ward, makers of recent smash hit Modern Warfare 2, were fired by publisher Activision on March 1st. Clearly there are conflicting stories available. Activision claims that West and Zampella (the aforementioned heads of Infinity Ward) have been courting other publishers and generally performed insubordination. The two […]

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We Need to be Able to Make Mistakes

Blizzard poster Eyonix wrote about the stat changes in World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion Cataclysm the other day. The blogging response has mostly been positive so far, Hatch highlights some good changes and Tobold tells us how the removal of defense is a good thing. Alas, Tobold uses an absolutely horrid analogy to make his […]

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But I Wanted to be a Ninja Instead

So Octale, of Versus the World fame, linked a webcomic on the topic of digital rights management (DRM) yesterday. The strip really is funny because it’s true, but it’s also quite sad at the same time. I can absolutely feel the pain of the guy in the comic: I buy a lot of audio books […]

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Flashback: Starcraft

I’m still not in the Starcraft II beta, so to satisfy my need I installed the original Starcraft again and played through the three classic campaigns on the weekend. The game is still fantastic. In fact, I have spent more time playing the old Starcraft again than I spent in total on Dawn of War […]

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