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Ten Bad Things About Starcraft II

This is going to be a rough one people. I’ll have to come up with ten bad design decisions for a game I love and have been promoting for a while now. As usual these points will be in no specific order and incomplete. The ten good things will be up on Monday and I’m […]

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Separating Single- and Multi-player in Starcraft II

I’m knee deep in the Starcraft II campaign and greatly enjoying it even though I’m not at home and my laptop is not taking the engine well at all. You are not getting a review from me just yet because I haven’t finished the whole thing, but I’ll take this time to talk about Blizzard’s […]

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First Anniversary

One year ago today I made a snap decision to pick up video game blogging, set up a account, and within minutes started typing away at my first real post. If you had asked me back then about my blog I would probably have told you that it was simply an outlet for my […]

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Quickie: If You Still Needed a Reason to Buy Starcraft II

Blizzard has been good with cinematics in the last couple of years, but this is simply amazing. I’d watch that movie if there was one 😉 [Here’s the link for those who can’t see the embed: click me]

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Darkspore, is it?

When Spore came out I was among the millions of players who was absolutely disappointed buy the game. The concept sounded great, the creature creator was fun, but then the actual game came along with, well, not so much game in it. Spore pretty much tanked, high piracy rates, low sales, even lower review scores. […]

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Why You Should Buy Starcraft 2

In little more than a week, Starcraft 2 will hit the shelves and I hear not all of you plan on buying it yet. Spinks thinks the game is too hard to get into for an real-time strategy newbie while other players don’t enjoy the competive aspect all that much. Bollocks I say (and will […]

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Quickie: Digital Distribution Done Right (Almost)

If you haven’t mail-ordered Starcraft 2 yet, chances are that you will be standing in a smelly game store on July 27th to get it. (You do plan on getting it, right?) If you don’t wish to leave your house or simply don’t want to waste time with installing and all that jazz, the newest […]

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The Best Expansion I Won’t Buy

I’m hardly greedy when it comes to coughing up money for MMOs. On the contrary, I try pretty much every promising MMO right when it is released and I’ve had no issues at all buying the last two expansions for World of Warcraft either (as collector’s editions no less). Now Cataclysm is coming up and […]

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Useful Achievements

Achievements have spread like wildfire in the world of gaming and are quite apparently here to stay. Me, I usually don’t like them at all since most of them are either trivial to get (You have found the jump button, achievement!) or require you to jump through hoops for no purpose other than to get […]

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Quickie: You Get to Keep Your Name for Yourself

Blizzard just backed down from their plans to use real names for posting on their official forums. While I did not and still do not agree with all the people that cried foul over this – especially those who refused to even recognize any voice that was not of their opinion – I do applaud […]

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