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My Irrational Love for Trading Card Games

I used to play in a lot of Magic: The Gathering tournaments back in the day and still enjoy the game even though I never get to play with real cards anymore and only rarely get to get my fix on in Magic Online. It seems utterly irrational to love a competitive game with so […]

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Pay For Your Trolling With Your Good Name

Blizzard announced yesterday that they would be using their RealID system on the official forums for their games, revealing the real names of posters therein. The outrage across the Blogosphere has been huge, but a few positive posts can be found as well. This is one one those. I find most of the arguments made […]

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10 Bad Things About Final Fantasy XIII

As promised on Wednesday, if a bit late, today’s post will be all about bad things in Final Fantasy XIII – ten of them, in fact. If you’d rather read a positive view on the game, . Today will be all negative and reveal some mistakes one would absolutely avoid when making games. Note that […]

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Quickie: Curse You Steam

So I picked up Borderlands on Sunday through Steam because it was 25% off – enough of a deal to lure me into a purchase. Guess what, today it’s 66% off instead. That’s €12 I’ll never see again. I think Steam (or the companies selling through it) are profiting from people like me quite a […]

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Quickie: In Defence of Cutscenes

Sice my PC unexpectedly won’t have power for a few hours, you’ll have to wait ubtil monday to read about 10 bad things about FF XIII. Luckily Kotaku provides us with an excellent replacement read today. Without further ado, I’ll give you Brendan Keogh and his take on cutscenes. Update: I just realized that the […]

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