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Quickie: A Little Something About the Wii

Found this in one of Kotaku’s shopping contests, the other entries are definitely worth a look as well. Made me smile, especially when thinking about .

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FF XIV Doesn’t Want Me

This news is a coupe of days old, but still something I find very interesting to discuss: Apparently Square Enix will limit the time people can meaningfully play their new MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. Only during the first eight hours of play each week will you be rewarded full experience. After that the amount gained […]

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Diablo III Crafting

It seems that not a lot of interesting news could be found on the Gamescon in the past week – or at least that’s the feeling I’ve been getting so far. One interesting piece of information is Blizzards revelation of the Diablo III crafting system which seems closer to World of Warcraft than traditional Diablo […]

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Quickie: I Have Returned

I’m back in the good ol’ home country (though not quite home yet) and you will be getting fresh posts again from now on. I surely hope that the past two weeks of canned posts weren’t all that terribly for you guys. Personally I had a really great time over on Iceland and even managed […]

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Streaming Games

Data transfer technology has come a long way since I first stepped onto the internet and the amount of gamers that are using an internet connection that cannot be classified as broadband is probably minimal. Still, downloading patches for games can still take quite a while and downloading full games or expansions for them even […]

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The Allure of Repetition

I haven’t had an MMO to grind in for a while, nor any other game that requires mindless repetition. Instead, the games I’ve played have either been captivating or taxing on my mental capacities leaving my mind in the state of complete focus on the game. Conventional wisdom would say that this is a good […]

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Sometimes a Zeppelin is Just a Zeppelin

From time to time you will see the question popping up of whether video games can be considered art or not. I won’t really get into that topic, but one thing that comes with art is interpretation. It seems to be a very common pastime of intellectuals to interpret works of art (be they literature, performance, or […]

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WotLK Raiding: The Shortcut To Boredom

I’ve always been opposed to Blizzard’s raid design philosophy in Wrath of the Lich King which allows players to jump into the top-end raid dungeon without ever touching the previous ones. This is accomplished by making gear equivalent to what you could get in the previous dungeon so easy to get that there is absolutely […]

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Why The Wii Will Never Feel Realistic

I had the chance to play a little bit of Red Steel 2 the other day (and watch some more) and I must say I was not impressed. I always thought that motion controls would make for great sword-fighting games, and I still believe so. The motion controls of the Wii, however, are simply not […]

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In a few hours I’ll be on a plane to Iceland and will leave you guys for two weeks. Don’t worry though, there are of course canned posts prepared for your perusal throughout this time. They might not be as up-to-date as you wish, but there will be three possts a week as usual. See […]

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