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10 Bad Things About Civilization V

No game is all praise and awe and neither is Civilization V. ; today I’ll give you the flip-side. Below is an unsorted and incomplete list of ten things that I didn’t like about the game. Read this in conjunction with Monday’s post and you might be able to derive a picture of whether you’ll like the game […]

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Quickie: Thank the Lord for Tethering

My ISP switched me over to a faster connection today. Read: My internet connection doesn’t work at all anymore until a package with new hardware arrives on Wednesday. (Yes, they promised me that this wouldn’t cost me my connection at any time. Yes, they lied.) But not to worry, tethering is here to rescue me. […]

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10 Good Things About Civilization V

It is time once again for one of my pseudo-reviews, this time of Civilization V. As usual you will not get a grade or a final verdict or anything like that from me, instead I will list ten good things about the game today and 10 bad things about it on Wednesday. Make your own […]

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On Efficiency in Raids

There’s a post by our favourite Blizzard-employed crab out there in which the Ghostcrawler talks about the playerbase’s obsession with efficiency and min-maxing. Larísa has a strong post on the topic as well, and the discussion in the comments is huge and well worth a read. Faithful readers will already know that I’m an avid […]

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Quickie: Interview With Dustin Browder

There’s a neat (and long!)  interview with Starcraft II lead designer Dustin Browder up over at Game Informer. Five pages of detailed answers, go have a look if you care about the game and its future. “I have not seen someone else be successful by removing economy. I have not seen other RTSes be successful […]

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Impact and Complexity

I enjoy complexity in my games and have, in fact, raged against the dumbing down of game mechanics in World of Warcraft. (Well, for a moderate definition of “rage” I suppose.) Game designers will always have the problem of balancing their game’s complexity for both players like me and those who would rather not have […]

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Quickie: Peacebloom vs. Ghouls

World of Wacraft had a Bejeweled add-on, then a Peggle add-on and they were fun, but really not much different from playing Bejeweled or Peggle as stand-alone. Now WoW is getting a Plants vs. Zombies questline right there in the game, not just as an overlay using the add-on functionalities. It is quite awesome.

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Winging It

I’m the kind of guy that likes to plan and analyze his games. I absolutely didn’t mind using spreadsheets to optimize my performance in World of Warcraft – I even have a spreadsheet tracking all my games of Momir Magic, helping me identify trends in the randomness of that game. As much as I enjoy working like […]

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Quickie: Phoned In

Since I’m not at home, am nowhere near a computer, and forgot to pre-write a post, all you’ll get today is this: Head over to the ingenious Psychochild and read his take on buying used games.

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Aggregate Quality of MMOs

There is quite a bit of discussion out there about the quality of modern MMOs and how they are (allegedly) built for the lowest common denominator instead of designers actually aiming to make a good game. Oftentimes people argue that market share isn’t an indicator for the quality of a game – I greatly disagree.

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