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On Randomness

There are, broadly speaking, two categories of games in existence – those who make use of randomness and those who don’t. This goes for both traditional board games as well as for computer games. In a game like chess or connect 4 there is virtually no random element to be found (except for maybe who […]

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Quickie: Some Marketing People…

I got a mail the other day from some girl in marketing who wants me to promote a book. Normally I would be flattered and happy to do so, but this particular book is a self-help book about procrastinating less. Less. Did they even read the name of my Blog? (Real post tomorrow ;))

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GSL Week One

I’m trying to keep my Starcraft 2 posts to a minimum because hardly any of my regular readers actually care. Also, I get a bazillion Google hits whenever I post on Starcraft which just hides the real hits that I care about. Today I can’t help myself though.  with the insane reward of about $85,700 […]

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PS Move Launch Titles

So the Playstation Move will be released in a little more than a week and I would be quite excited to get it (considering that my only console is a PS3 and that I’m anxious to see if it can actually do motion tracking, not just recognition) if it wasn’t for the list of launch […]

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False Expectations

Remember the good old text adventures (and early point-and-click adventures) where you had a set of verbs that you could use to combine various objects? “Use rope on cannon” would make for a makeshift fuse while “use rubber chicken on cable” created an interesting method of transportation. If you remember these, you probably also remember […]

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The Issue With Browser Games

I’ve (unsuccessfully, sigh) applied for a job at a browser game company recently and played some of their games in preparation for an interview. One thing that I immediately noticed was that multi-player browser games really haven’t changed since I played Planetarion a decade ago. Yeah they look better and have a few more features, […]

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Way to Milk Your Fans, Stardock

I’ve been following the progress of Elemental: War of Magic for quite a bit because I enjoy 4X games and I absolutely loved Master of Magic. My happiness when I finally got the game quickly turned into something very close to disgust though after playing it for a bit. The bugs, crashes, and horrendous performance […]

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