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Quickie: CPU Upgrade – Help Wanted

I got Fallout: New Vegas on Monday but haven’t really played a lot yet. One reason for that is that time has been in short supply, but another is that my gaming rig isn’t really handling itself well anymore. Most notably, my CPU was produced in 2006 and while it was awesome at its time, […]

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My Crafting System – Part 2

I got some very nice feedback to my first post on designing my own crafting system, be sure to have a look at the comments there if you haven’t yet. I will continue in the same style, simply exploring ideas and slowly developing a structure from those while being open to suggestions and to changes […]

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Last year I managed to milk Blizzcon for    , this year I’ll barely get one. Sure, the Demon Hunter class for Diablo III was announced, but everyone knew a ranger-type class was coming and she doesn’t really do anything that’ts exiting to talk about. She looks cool and she throws ‘nades but that’s about […]

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God for a Week

There’s a post over at Kotaku that talks about the upcoming MMO Forsaken World. Most of the post seems to simply be taken from a statement by the MMO’s creators (even keeping their praising tone), but there’s a small bit that caught my eye: Apparently players will have a chance to become gods of a […]

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Digital Distribution Prices

I used to buy a lot of games on steam and I still sometimes do when there is a deal on or I’m interested in a game that I can only get on Steam. I like Steam and the possibility of re-downloading and installing my games anywhere without issues. I like Steam Cloud and all […]

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My Crafting System – Part 1

I often complain about crafting systems in games but I have yet to make a good suggestion on how a good crafting system could actually look. Today will the first part in a spread-out series of posts capturing my ideas while creating my very own crafting system. If this gathers enough interest and I actually […]

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Quickie: DotA 2

Keeping with the theme of ex-modders being hired to work in game companies, Valve gave GameInformer the spill about Defense of the Ancients 2 yesterday. Icefrog, the designer behind the smash hit Warcraft 3 mod DotA working at Valve, one of the best game development companies of the last ten years… Wow. Now, I don’t […]

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Quickie: A Second Chance for Elemental?

When I got Elemental: War of Magic at release a while ago, I was pretty disappointed in the game. Disappointed enough to , in fact. Well, the technical issues have apparently (I haven’t checked it yet) been resolved now, leaving only terribly gameplay speaking against the game. Well, Stardock just hired Fall from Heaven (an immensely popular […]

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Don’t Listen to the Players

So the title of this post is a paradox in so far as I am a player and game companies can only follow my advice by not listening to me. Well, sue me. What I’m actually talking about is developers listening to highly visible movements within their player base. Usually these groups are asking for […]

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The Case for Game Analysts

Many people will complain about the lack of innovation in game development these days – and rightly so. How can it be that new MMOs keep on making the same mistakes that have been made a million times in the past? How can it be that there are so many people with great game design […]

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