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F2P as a Recipe for an Awful Community?

I don’t play much League of Legends these days, but from time to time a friend convinces me to play a round or three in the evening. There are some things that I really like about the game and quite a few that I very much dislike. By far the worst are the other people […]

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Quickie: A Quick Tip of the (Top) Hat

So two of my favourite three Starcraft 2 commentators – and quite likely the two funniest ones – are casting the SC2 event at Dreamhack together. I’ve GOT to catch that recording somewhere. Below is TotalBiscuit’s announcement that he will be casting (will have been casting?) together with American powerhouse commentator Day[9] at Dreamhack in […]

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How Not to Do Crafting: New Vegas Edition

So I finally managed to get some hours of Fallout: New Vegas in and despite the initial awkwardness I must say I’m intrigued once again. That said, the crafting system is atrocious. I mean sure, technically it is similar to the system used in Fallout 3 (something that can be said about most of NV actually), but there […]

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Is Mass Effect Enough to Make Me Play CoD?

So Bioware is teasering an upcoming announcement all round the internet. Kotaku predicts that we are going to see a Call of Duty style multi-player spin-off of the Mass Effect series.  That doesn’t seem unlikely, considering that Mass Effect had quite a few players from the console shooter crowd that normally wouldn’t touch and RPG […]

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Robot Overlords and You

So the Kinect is out and the Skynet jokes are abundant. People are worried about being watched in their living room while others are busy trying to find better uses for the hardware than the awful games you are supposed to play with it. Me, I don’t own an Xbox so people have to find […]

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Quickie: Players are People Too

Tesh has a great post up on the topic of dealing with other players in online games. It may be short, but it is very true and chock-full of links. Go check it out.

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Of All the Games to Revive

I haven’t talked about APB before, even though I was in the beta. Well, technically. In case you didn’t know, APB or Action Points Bulletin, was a cops-vs-robbers action MMO that was live for a whopping 2.5 months this summer. The game was so awful that the creators even put a review embargo on it […]

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My Crafting System – Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of my open-ended series on my own personal crafting system. If you missed the other parts, check out  and . Today I’ll once again start with a roundup of comments and decisions from the last post, followed by a discussion on how to actually implement skill-based crafting.

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A Popular Blogging Site Gets Bad Comments, Alert the Media

Let’s face it, most forum-like communities on the internet are pretty awful. WoW Forums? Check. YouTube comments? Check. Slashdot threads without filters? Check. There are some better communities and some worse ones, but I’m quite sure the better ones didn’t get their status by doing this. (Do check out the link, it is quite entertaining.)

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On Time Constraints

I probably left many parallels between games and literature out of my post last Wednesday, but here is one I left out on purpose because it warrants a full post on its own: The use of time to complicate otherwise trivial decision making. To take an example from the Dresden Files once again, the protagonist […]

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