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Being an early adopter is hardly ever easy, and things aren’t different in the field of MMOs. Most MMOs have all kinds of issues when they come out. They are buggy, their interface is hard to use, essential functions are missing and they are never able to handle the amount of people that rush into […]

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Naptime’s Over

Those of you who check this place regularly (/hug) might have noticed an odd lack of content during the last week-and-a-bit. Turns out that Christmas somehow snuck  up on me and that I didn’t have any posts prepared for my holidays. Well, I’m back now and your regularyl scheduled content will resume tomorrow. I hope […]

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Quickie: A Good Week for Turn-Based Strategy

Both Civilization V and Elemental: War of Magic got huges patches the other day. The patch notes for Elemental show a huge amount of changes to actual gameplay, as has been hinted at before by the switch of the game’s lead developer among other things. I didn’t get to try the new, changed game yet […]

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We Named Him Dranosh

When I’m playing games then there’s little that’s more annoying than some boring event that makes me wait instead of allowing me to continue playing the game. Loading screens are one example of that, unskippable cutscenes – especially repeated ones – are another. If you’ve raided World of Warcraft’s Icecrown Citadel on horde side you surely know […]

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Emotional Range of a Teaspoon

Shortly after I started playing Fallout: New Vegas (which I still haven’t finished, but that’s a story for another day), my character got into a situation in which she had to rally some villagers to defend their village against an attack of the evil Powder Gangers. One of the villagers was quite a friendly young […]

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Quickie: Banelings

For those of you living under a rock or following anything Starcraft related, here’s a little YouTube sensation from about two weeks ago. I think it’s hilarious and I’m quite glad that the internet allows for things like these to exist and spread.

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On the Sidelines

It feels really odd that a World of Warcraft expansion was just released and I’m not playing it. It’s not as if I really wanted to – because if I did I would just buy the damn thing – but this is the first time in six years that there is something major happening in […]

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Environment Altering Effects

I played a round of Dominion at a friend’s house the other night and stumbled upon something that is quite problematic for game designers – the environment altering effect. That game of Dominion featured the “Thief “card, which all by itself pretty much forbids the use of the silver and gold coins that are usually […]

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Worst Beta Key Ever?

The other day I got a mail from Curse (Who keep giving me complimentary premium subscriptions to lure me back in. Thanks guys.) prompting me to claim my Rift beta key.  Who am I to say no to participating in an MMO beta? Well it turns out that the key is slightly less useful than […]

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