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Back To Zul

I don’t even play World of Warcraft anymore, but this piece of news makes me sad: The raid instances of Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub, both of which have played significant roles in my raiding career  (I led my first ever raid in Zul’Gurub, for example), are being brought back to the game as five-player heroic dungeons. […]

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10 Good Things About RIFT

The final Rift beta has come and gone and I finally feel somewhat equipped to write one of my 10 good things / 10 bad things pseudo-reviews on it. Today, I’ll be all positive and talk about things I like in Rift. Next time, I won’t be so nice. As usual, these posts are highly […]

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Quickie: Rift Open Beta

The open beta for Rift starts tomorrow and as far as I understand it you simply have to sign up over at in order to participate. This beta really is a preview and promotion event, giving players the ability to check out the game before actually buying it. Just compare that move to something […]

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More From The Rift: Collections

I mostly missed this weekend’s Rift beta event due to other obligations (and the fact that I had to catch a plane to Sweden early Sunday morning.) Still there are various things in the game that I haven’t talked about yet – one being the notion of collecting artifacts. Players will find a large variety of […]

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Why Use a Perfectly Good Game System

So I’ve played a bit of Magic the Gathering : Tactics by now, and I’m quite disappointed. I used to be quite the enthusiastic Magic player and I still get my dose of its online version (awful as it is) from time to time. Richard Garfield’s game system has evolved quite a bit since its […]

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The other day, Bioware posted some information about flashpoints – their take on dungeons. Flashpoints are sets of instanced group content which is apparently highly scripted and non-linear. Your decisions – if we can believe Bioware – will have impact on the development of the story within the flashpoint instance, as well as the enemies […]

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