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Quickie: TOR Gameplay

I found this link to an hour and 30 minutes of Star Wars: The Old Republic gamplay footage over at Kotaku. It doesn’t look bad as such, but it does look remarkably like the standard MMORPG menu we are used to by now. All the things we’ve learned about storytelling in the game don’t really […]

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Don’t Buy Used Games, Pirate Instead

My very first actual post on this blog dealt with the issue of piracy – or rather the point that it isn’t much of an issue at all in my opinion.  What is an issue is the sale of used games, resulting in my support for EA’s Project Ten Dollar (and similar schemes.) And look, […]

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Another Form of Optimization

I’ll admit, I lost poor old Garrus in the final act of Mass Effect 2. At the time I didn’t care all that much since he’s never been my most favourite companion in the Mass Effect games. That said, he is some sort of a mainstay and playing Mass Effect might be somewhat weird without […]

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On Cooldowns

If you’ve played any modern DIKU-style MMO (like World of Warcraft or Rift) you’ll probably have come across the concept of cooldowns. Some abilities will be rather powerful but only available to your character once in a defined timeframe. A Paladin in WoW can use her Lay on Hands spell every 20 minutes and a […]

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On Progression

Here’s an awesome quote from an awesome post by Klepsacovic: “Get rid of all this “we want players to see content” crap. It’s not working out so well. It’s fundamentally incompatible with challenging content and good community.” – Klepsacovic, Troll Racials are Overpowered Damn straight. I’ve made no secret of my love for the progression […]

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Quickie: Blizzard Targeting a Q3 Diablo III Beta, Q4 Release

Lots of people are talking about yesterday’s investor call over at Activision, but most of them focus on the fact that World of Warcraft has lost 5% subscribers since Cataclysm’s launch. (Anyone surprised about that?) Me, I’m here to tell you that the Diablo III beta is targeted for Q3 this year and that Blizzard […]

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PvP Inspired by WAR? Yes Please!

I’ve been quit ambiguous (to put it nicely) about Bioware’s upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, but these news about the PvP system actually sound quite good. What I love most about the system is that tanks get an actual role in PvP, just like they have (had) in Warhammer Online. Keen somehow thinks that taking a page out of […]

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Entertainment Value of Decisions

Tobold proposes an interesting thought experiment in his latest post as a type of litmus test to determine the quality of decision making in a game.  To quote: “If you slowed down the execution part of a game down by a factor of 10, would it still be fun?” He is right, of course, that […]

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Quickie: Optimization

There’s a really good post over at Spinksville talking about optimization of characters in MMOs (and how Spinks doesn’t want it.) Be sure to check out the comments on it as well, they are quite worth the time.

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The Price of Art

If you’ve played Dragon Age 2 at all you’ll have encountered the endless (Figuratively speaking. It does, in fact, have an end.)  repetition of maps and art assets that has been the focus of so many a bad review of the game. Bioware is hardly the first studio to re-use assets but the practice seems […]

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