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Here at Procrastination Amplification, the name is the game. Not only can you procrastinate while reading the blog, it is also about gaming and we all know how gaming and procrastination relate. Even better, I also get to procrastinate by writing about gaming instead of getting actual work done!

Killjoys might argue that the research I do for the blog is actually useful for my studies and my further career, what with me being a digital media student and having aspirations to actually design games some day. Don’t be fooled, this blog is purely for my own recreation – and who knows, maybe someday I’ll be famous on the interwebs!

Seriously though, while I’m happy about every single reader I get, I’ll still just write what I want.  If my mind wanders off in some directions, you’ll have to live with my posts doing the same. While this originally started as a WoW blog, you won’t ever see me trying to cater to the crowd by posting about things I don’t care about. If I’m not playing WoW, or WoW is boring, I’ll write about something else. If I have some crazy theory nobody cares about, guess what, I’ll post that too.

Please feel free to join me in my travels through the world of computer gaming, companions are always welcome.  I savor every comment, back-link, and email I get and would love for some actual discussions to form here.

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On the right-hand side of the site you can see a section entitled “Good Reads.” These are the newest posts of the few blogs that are so good that I read them religiously.  Go ahead and check them out – if you like my stuff, chances are that you’ll like theirs too.

I’d like to expand the list (and get on a few more myself,) but I won’t add any blog to the list that doesn’t constantly generate posts that i find interesting. There are many great blogs out there and if I’m not linking yours it’s not because your blog isn’t great, but probably because the topics you cover aren’t of high interest to me.  Of course, I might just have missed your blog so far. Just leave a trackback, comment, or email and I’ll check it out. I do love quality reading and if I love yours, you get a spot on the list.


I am not affiliated with any company or institution other than my university and I don’t let anyone or anything bribe their way onto my blog. If I endorse something, it’s because I like it and not because I get paid for it. If anyone should ever be interested in giving me review copies of games or similar perks, I’ll be happy to review them but I will not let that influence my judgement in the slightest. Not that this blog is remotely big enough to get such perks. Yet 😉


You may quote as much as you like from this page, but please include a link to the source. This holds true as well for pictures that I hold the copyright on – if I have them from another source, please cite the original source instead. You may not create a mirror of this blog or otherwise steal my content for your own purposes unless you have my written permission.

I try to attribute all images I use to their sources as long as these can be determined. If I retrieve an image whose author I cannot determine, I might post it without giving a source. Should that happen for an image you own, please inform me and I’ll take immediate action. The same goes for images that I did give a source on but that you don’t want me to use. I don’t intend to steal content from anyone; if I do so it was a mistake.


Email me at contact[at]procrastinationamplification[dot]com, obviously replacing the parts in square brackets with proper punctuation. You can also try following @scrusi on Twitter, though I’m really new at that and unsure whether I’ll actually use it.
The easiest way to contact me is probably using the contact form linked in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen.

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