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I’ll be catching some much-needed sun in the next two weeks and have not prepared anything to keep you guys entertained in the mean time. Somehow summer doesn’t supply me with a whole ot of topics to write about. I hope y’all don’t just run away and I’ll see you again in two weeks with […]

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Welcome to the New Server

If you can see this post, the server move has been successful. There might still be a few kinks I haven’t found yet, but the general move is done with (hopefully) very little annoyance on your side. Commenting over here is, of couse, enabled once again. Enjoy 🙂

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Server Move

I’ve spent most of my free time last week setting up a new server to host Procrastination Amplification (among other things.) I will be moving the site over to the new server today, but it might take some time for your internet service provider to notice the change in servers. So, as long as this […]

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Posting Schedule & Blogroll

You might have noticed that my usual Monday/Wednesday/Friday posting schedule has broken down from time to time in recent weeks. (This week for example.) With work being what it is, I simply don’t find the time to write about gaming as much as I’d like to. Even worse, I don’t find as much time to […]

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Naptime’s Over

Those of you who check this place regularly (/hug) might have noticed an odd lack of content during the last week-and-a-bit. Turns out that Christmas somehow snuck  up on me and that I didn’t have any posts prepared for my holidays. Well, I’m back now and your regularyl scheduled content will resume tomorrow. I hope […]

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Quickie: Posting Schedule

I’m starting a new job today (On a a Friday. Now that’s starting the whole thing on a high note.) and a full day job of course means that I can’t sit down in the mornings and write my posts anymore like I used to. Good blogger that I am I obviously prepared a post […]

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Quickie: Some Marketing People…

I got a mail the other day from some girl in marketing who wants me to promote a book. Normally I would be flattered and happy to do so, but this particular book is a self-help book about procrastinating less. Less. Did they even read the name of my Blog? (Real post tomorrow ;))

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Quickie: I Have Returned

I’m back in the good ol’ home country (though not quite home yet) and you will be getting fresh posts again from now on. I surely hope that the past two weeks of canned posts weren’t all that terribly for you guys. Personally I had a really great time over on Iceland and even managed […]

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In a few hours I’ll be on a plane to Iceland and will leave you guys for two weeks. Don’t worry though, there are of course canned posts prepared for your perusal throughout this time. They might not be as up-to-date as you wish, but there will be three possts a week as usual. See […]

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First Anniversary

One year ago today I made a snap decision to pick up video game blogging, set up a account, and within minutes started typing away at my first real post. If you had asked me back then about my blog I would probably have told you that it was simply an outlet for my […]

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