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Professional Gaming Journalism. Not.

I enjoy watching e-sports, other people don’t. E-sports are like pretty much everything else that way (except, maybe, for parfait.)  If I wrote a post spitting on and belittling e-sports I’d probably get some harsh comments, but on a personal blog I can pretty much say whatever I want. I’d expect sites that aspire to […]

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Yeah, I do Punditry

The blogosphere is an awesome thing. One blogger posts about some topic and you’ll see posts on the same topic pop up all over within hours. Sometimes I try to avoid beating the proverbial dead horse, sometimes I feel like I have something meaningful to add to the debate. And sometimes I feel that the […]

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Everyone and their little sisters are advertising to “just pay what you actually use” these days. Whether we are talking about cell phone plans, plane trips, or MMORPGs – micropayments are more and more the way to go. There’s another debate on the topic of free-to-play games around the blogosphere these days, spearheaded by the […]

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Posting Schedule & Blogroll

You might have noticed that my usual Monday/Wednesday/Friday posting schedule has broken down from time to time in recent weeks. (This week for example.) With work being what it is, I simply don’t find the time to write about gaming as much as I’d like to. Even worse, I don’t find as much time to […]

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A Popular Blogging Site Gets Bad Comments, Alert the Media

Let’s face it, most forum-like communities on the internet are pretty awful. WoW Forums? Check. YouTube comments? Check. Slashdot threads without filters? Check. There are some better communities and some worse ones, but I’m quite sure the better ones didn’t get their status by doing this. (Do check out the link, it is quite entertaining.)

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Quickie: You Get to Keep Your Name for Yourself

Blizzard just backed down from their plans to use real names for posting on their official forums. While I did not and still do not agree with all the people that cried foul over this – especially those who refused to even recognize any voice that was not of their opinion – I do applaud […]

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Pay For Your Trolling With Your Good Name

Blizzard announced yesterday that they would be using their RealID system on the official forums for their games, revealing the real names of posters therein. The outrage across the Blogosphere has been huge, but a few positive posts can be found as well. This is one one those. I find most of the arguments made […]

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Quickie: Blogroll & 8 Bit Starcraft

It’s about time that I added another blogger to my blogroll – the amazing Tesh. His blog over at Tish Tosh Tesh has so many interesting posts on the topic of game design that you’ll have stuff to read for quite a while. Also, he actually works in the industry (albeit as an artist) so […]

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Complacency is Bad

I complain about video games a lot on this blog, or should I rather say that I attempt to identify and point out mistakes? Either way, I tend to list more negatives here than positives and that’s not something that has worried me before. Now Syp writes about how we take too much in our […]

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Blogroll Update

As I’ve said before, I select blogs for my blogroll pretty carefully. Today, I added two more blogs that have been in my feed reader for ages and are definitely worth promoting. Because I’m the huge blog and they need my traffic… right. Anyway, here are the new additions: Game developer Brian “Psychochild” Green doesn’t […]

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