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Snape Kills Trinity with Rosebud

I came back home from the sunny glory that was Puglia on Saturday only to move straight on to some bars with friends. That left me slightly tired the other day so I was happy to discover that there were a lot of videos available from the League of Legends tournament at the last Intel […]

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Morality Gear

So there’s going to be alignment-bound gear in Star Wars: The Old Republic, as well as ability that are unlocked depending on your alignment. In a single-player game I’d be absolutely fine with that, I’d even applaud it. (Though, frankly, there is often too little in the form of rewards for people who choose to […]

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On Modding

A comment I recently read over on Google+ reminded me of ´something I’ve been reading over and over again – the alleged fact that PC gamers enjoy modding their games. Sure, some definitely do but that has to be a minority right? None of the PC gamers I know personally regularly mod their games and […]

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Outlevelling content in LotRO

I’ve finally managed to get back into Lord of the Rings Online somewhat and out of the zone I’d been stuck in for ages. I even used the item shop, though I didn’t spend any money yet but used the points I got for owning both expansions instead. Those points got me a new zone […]

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Screw Badges

Keen is extremely happy about the way that Star Wars: The Old Republic will get rid of “loot frustration” through their loot container system (working title). Those will essentially be a combination of Diablo III’s individual loot (everyone gets their own container) with World of Warcraft’s badge system. Sometimes you get an item from the […]

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Diablo III RMT

Real-money trading (gold selling to all you WoW players out there) tends to belong into the gray realm of activities that are against the terms of service of most online games but are still participated in by many players. Personally I’m not one to buy in-game advantages with real money, but the only reason I […]

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Quite Sick of Stats as Well

Syp is sick of stats. That is fine, it is his choice and at least Blizzard (and thereby most other MMO companies) agree.  In fact, I’m quite sick of stats as well but not for the reasons he is. You see, I enjoy some spreadsheeting in my MMOs. The thing with modern stats is that […]

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My Issue with Perfectionism in Multiplayer Games

It will come as no surprise to people who know me (or have been reading this blog for a while) that I am a bit of a perfectionist (not a completionist, mind you.) I can’t stand doing things badly, especially in front of other people and that includes strangers in an online video game. This […]

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Situational Relevance

I’ve been playing some Magic Online recently and spent even more time watching videos of pro players playing on Magic Online. While I gave up paper Magic ages ago, the game still has a dear place in my heart for various reasons. One is the sheer amount of possible combinations of cards you can have […]

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Innovation and Diminishing Returns

It has been pointed out a lot (as recently as yesterday by fellow blogger Straw Fellow in a comment here) that modern games tend to have a lot of polish but very little innovation. Barring a few indie titles, this is certainly true. One could argue, however, that this is absolutely normal for a maturing […]

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