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Useful Achievements

Achievements have spread like wildfire in the world of gaming and are quite apparently here to stay. Me, I usually don’t like them at all since most of them are either trivial to get (You have found the jump button, achievement!) or require you to jump through hoops for no purpose other than to get […]

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10 Bad Things About Final Fantasy XIII

As promised on Wednesday, if a bit late, today’s post will be all about bad things in Final Fantasy XIII – ten of them, in fact. If you’d rather read a positive view on the game, . Today will be all negative and reveal some mistakes one would absolutely avoid when making games. Note that […]

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10 Good Things About Final Fantasy XIII

My flatmate got Final Fantasy XIII the other week, meaning I got to play it quite a bit – what, with me owning both the Playstation 3 and the HDTV the game runs on. Once again I will give you my complete undecided review: Today you’ll hear ten good things about the game, on Friday […]

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Do Sports Really Need To Be Fair?

The football world cup is on and millions (if not billions) of people who usually don’t care much about sports in general and football in particular are watching it and cheering for their respective teams. I am one of those people, finding myself highly entertained not only by my team’s matches but also by other […]

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I Actually Like RealID

Various other bloggers have voiced their disapproval for Blizzard’s new “RealID” system. What it does is to allow players to add friends to their buddy list using those players’ email addresses instead of their in-game handle. If you accept such a friend request, the other player will not only be able to see your real […]

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Interactivity in Board Games

I used to love board games, but these days I find myself more and more bored with them. There is – in my eyes – a huge design flaw with the majority of board games available to us that almost never appears in computer games. You see, I consider board games to be a way […]

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Cross-Platform Games

Steam came to the Mac the other week and ever since I see ads on Steam boasting that when you buy a game you get to play it on both your Mac and your PC. Now, I don’t own a Mac nor do I want to, but I have a PS3 next door and have […]

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EVE, the Third Best PC Game of All Time?

So PC Gamer ran  a poll, asking for the best PC game of all time. (See parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.) The results are, of course, preposterous. EVE Online is apparently the third best PC game of all time, only beaten by Half-Life 2 and Fallout 3. World of Warcraft as the most […]

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Welcome to the New LotRO, Same as the Old LotRO

So there’s another welcome back week going on for Lord of the Rings Online, and I’m actually not out skiing this time. So after a nice 9 GB download over the weekend and then some patching on Monday my account was actually reactivated for a week for free. I played LotRO in beta and then […]

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Surviving Starcraft II: Part 1

It’s been quite a while since I’ve talked about how to play a game instead of bitching about some issue or another. Due to popular demand (and the number of beta keys going out these days) I’ll give you the survivor’s guide to Starcraft II multi-player. Now, I’m by no means a really good player […]

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