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The Games Industry has No Clue

So apparently a games industry survey run in the lead-up to the London Games Conference revealed that Steve Jobs is seen as the person with the highest influence on the shape of video games today and the iPhone as the product that has shaped video games the most. What the …?

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Privacy: Origin(s)

If you’re not living in Germany, you might have completely missed this: The EULA for Origin (EA’s competitor to Steam which is required to play Battlefield 3, will be required to play Mass Effect 3 and is likely to be required to play Star Wars: The Old Republic) contains extensive liberties for EA to collect […]

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Today’s news of the day is about Apple banning the game Phone Story from their App Store, for depiction of violence and excessively objectionable or crude content. Or that’s what they say, the more likely story is that they didn’t like that it showed the real world evils of smartphone production.  Forced labor in mines […]

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Morality Gear

So there’s going to be alignment-bound gear in Star Wars: The Old Republic, as well as ability that are unlocked depending on your alignment. In a single-player game I’d be absolutely fine with that, I’d even applaud it. (Though, frankly, there is often too little in the form of rewards for people who choose to […]

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Quote of the Day

“This tournament will be the first time Dota 2 is shown in public, and will take place August 17th -21st at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. […] The winning team will receive $1 million.” –, emphasis mine Holy Check. (Literally even.) Now that is what I call hype.

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Screw Badges

Keen is extremely happy about the way that Star Wars: The Old Republic will get rid of “loot frustration” through their loot container system (working title). Those will essentially be a combination of Diablo III’s individual loot (everyone gets their own container) with World of Warcraft’s badge system. Sometimes you get an item from the […]

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Diablo III RMT

Real-money trading (gold selling to all you WoW players out there) tends to belong into the gray realm of activities that are against the terms of service of most online games but are still participated in by many players. Personally I’m not one to buy in-game advantages with real money, but the only reason I […]

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Limited Digital Sales for SW:ToR

Imagine you are CEO of a big company with a very good name in a certain line of products. Now you expand into a related, but different and challenging market. You know your good name will produce a very high interest in your product and you also know that many other companies have had issues […]

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Quickie: Deus Ex Live Action Trailer

Here’s a rather awesome live action trailer for the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution I found via Scott Jennings’ Google+. While it doesn’t say a lot (anything, really) about the game itself and even though I don’t like some of the anti-technological undertones, the trailer is very much worth watching.

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SWTOR Collector’s Edition (Updated)

It is time for another round of „should I buy the Collector’s Edition?“ This time, we get the leaked (but hopefully accurate) details on the special box set for The Old Republic.  I’m a sucker for CEs, even of games I’m not really planning to play for long, and I’m already sure I’ll buy SWTOR […]

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