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WoW’s Free Trial is now Endless. Woohoo.

When Warhammer Online introduced the endless free trial, I was all over that. You could continue playing the most interesting aspect of the game forever without paying, basically introducing a casual PvP minigame you could play for free. Awesome. Now World of Warcraft has an endless free trial as well, except it is awful. Now […]

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League of Legends as a Spectator Sport

After this weekend, there can be no question that League of Legends is not only an e-sport but also one that can attract huge audiences. They hit the 200k viewers mark on their live stream from Dreamhack – and that’s with other popular streams on as well, such as Day[9] commenting Starcraft 2. The Riot […]

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(Bad) News about Mass Effect 3

Here’s a quote from Eurogamer that makes me shiver: “Mass Effect 3 plays, to all intents and purposes, like a straight-up third-person shooter.” – Eurogamer Now, Mass Effect has always been more shooter-like than other RPGs (though a case can be made for newer Fallout titles) and that hasn’t necessarily been a bad thing. The […]

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Crushed Hopes and Broken Promises

Today’s post will be all about two clips from E3, Star Wars clips to be exact. One is the new intro cinematic for Star Wars: The Old Republic, the other a demo of the Star Wars game for Kinect. One of them is brilliant, the other quite awful. Let’s start with the awful first.

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You Just don’t Get it GameStop, do You?

For once I’m not talking about used game sales when talking about GameStop, but about their digital distribution shop. You see, they offer you the tremendous opportunity to purchase a download insurance [reddit] with your game – allowing you to download it again if you lose your copy within 18 months of the purchase. Gee […]

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Bioware Slightly More Optimistic Than I Am

I haven’t hidden my doubts about Bioware’s upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic. The gameplay video I linked to on Tuesday (and which has since been removed) looks rather boring and run-off-the-mill to me. In a pretty detailed interview over at Gamasutra, Bioware founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk show a somewhat more optimistic attitude: [ToR] […]

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Quickie: TOR Gameplay

I found this link to an hour and 30 minutes of Star Wars: The Old Republic gamplay footage over at Kotaku. It doesn’t look bad as such, but it does look remarkably like the standard MMORPG menu we are used to by now. All the things we’ve learned about storytelling in the game don’t really […]

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Quickie: Blizzard Targeting a Q3 Diablo III Beta, Q4 Release

Lots of people are talking about yesterday’s investor call over at Activision, but most of them focus on the fact that World of Warcraft has lost 5% subscribers since Cataclysm’s launch. (Anyone surprised about that?) Me, I’m here to tell you that the Diablo III beta is targeted for Q3 this year and that Blizzard […]

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PvP Inspired by WAR? Yes Please!

I’ve been quit ambiguous (to put it nicely) about Bioware’s upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, but these news about the PvP system actually sound quite good. What I love most about the system is that tanks get an actual role in PvP, just like they have (had) in Warhammer Online. Keen somehow thinks that taking a page out of […]

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T’was Just a Matter of Time

So, pretty much exactly one year ago  I promised you the Blizzard Instant Messenger. Now, finally, Blizzard has come around to stealing my idea (and without even employing or paying me for it! Scandalous!) Sure, so far it is only for the iPhone and coming soon on Android, but I don’t see why they should […]

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