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Quickie: Nuka Break

This first episode of a Fallout web-series looks quite promising indeed:

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Quickie: Deus Ex Live Action Trailer

Here’s a rather awesome live action trailer for the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution I found via Scott Jennings’ Google+. While it doesn’t say a lot (anything, really) about the game itself and even though I don’t like some of the anti-technological undertones, the trailer is very much worth watching.

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Quickie: Blizzard Targeting a Q3 Diablo III Beta, Q4 Release

Lots of people are talking about yesterday’s investor call over at Activision, but most of them focus on the fact that World of Warcraft has lost 5% subscribers since Cataclysm’s launch. (Anyone surprised about that?) Me, I’m here to tell you that the Diablo III beta is targeted for Q3 this year and that Blizzard […]

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Quickie: Nope

Spinks asks us whether we play evil characters in RPGs and the title of this post is my short answer to that. My long one is here, a post from the aftermath of Dragon Age: Origins’ release in 2009. It details why I’m almost physically unable to play the bad guy in immersive games. I […]

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Quickie: Rift Open Beta

The open beta for Rift starts tomorrow and as far as I understand it you simply have to sign up over at in order to participate. This beta really is a preview and promotion event, giving players the ability to check out the game before actually buying it. Just compare that move to something […]

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Quickie: Happy New Year

I wish all my readers and fellow Bloggers a happy new year! The new gaming year already promises a few big hitters on the gaming market, and I’m sure there’ll be more. There’ll be Diablo III – which will be great – and Star Wars: The Old Republic – which probably won’t but one can […]

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Quickie: Banelings

For those of you living under a rock or following anything Starcraft related, here’s a little YouTube sensation from about two weeks ago. I think it’s hilarious and I’m quite glad that the internet allows for things like these to exist and spread.

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Quickie: A Quick Tip of the (Top) Hat

So two of my favourite three Starcraft 2 commentators – and quite likely the two funniest ones – are casting the SC2 event at Dreamhack together. I’ve GOT to catch that recording somewhere. Below is TotalBiscuit’s announcement that he will be casting (will have been casting?) together with American powerhouse commentator Day[9] at Dreamhack in […]

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Quickie: Players are People Too

Tesh has a great post up on the topic of dealing with other players in online games. It may be short, but it is very true and chock-full of links. Go check it out.

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Quickie: So, Back To LotRO?

Lord of the Rings Online finally became free-to-play for Europeans this week and I’m thinking about returning in some way or another. A good friend asked me about a good free-to-play RPG the other day and I told her that I didn’t really have any recommendations but that checking out LotRO might be worth it. […]

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