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Quickie: CPU Upgrade – Help Wanted

I got Fallout: New Vegas on Monday but haven’t really played a lot yet. One reason for that is that time has been in short supply, but another is that my gaming rig isn’t really handling itself well anymore. Most notably, my CPU was produced in 2006 and while it was awesome at its time, […]

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Quickie: DotA 2

Keeping with the theme of ex-modders being hired to work in game companies, Valve gave GameInformer the spill about Defense of the Ancients 2 yesterday. Icefrog, the designer behind the smash hit Warcraft 3 mod DotA working at Valve, one of the best game development companies of the last ten years… Wow. Now, I don’t […]

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Quickie: Word, Mr del Toro

“Videogames are the comic books of our time. It’s a medium that gains no respect among the intellegensia. They say “oh, videogames.” And most people that complain about videogames have never fucking played them.” – Guillermo del Toro Personally I never got the whole comic book part of nerd culture, but that doesn’t make Guillermo […]

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Quickie: Thank the Lord for Tethering

My ISP switched me over to a faster connection today. Read: My internet connection doesn’t work at all anymore until a package with new hardware arrives on Wednesday. (Yes, they promised me that this wouldn’t cost me my connection at any time. Yes, they lied.) But not to worry, tethering is here to rescue me. […]

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Quickie: Interview With Dustin Browder

There’s a neat (and long!)  interview with Starcraft II lead designer Dustin Browder up over at Game Informer. Five pages of detailed answers, go have a look if you care about the game and its future. “I have not seen someone else be successful by removing economy. I have not seen other RTSes be successful […]

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Quickie: Peacebloom vs. Ghouls

World of Wacraft had a Bejeweled add-on, then a Peggle add-on and they were fun, but really not much different from playing Bejeweled or Peggle as stand-alone. Now WoW is getting a Plants vs. Zombies questline right there in the game, not just as an overlay using the add-on functionalities. It is quite awesome.

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Quickie: Phoned In

Since I’m not at home, am nowhere near a computer, and forgot to pre-write a post, all you’ll get today is this: Head over to the ingenious Psychochild and read his take on buying used games.

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Quickie: Some Marketing People…

I got a mail the other day from some girl in marketing who wants me to promote a book. Normally I would be flattered and happy to do so, but this particular book is a self-help book about procrastinating less. Less. Did they even read the name of my Blog? (Real post tomorrow ;))

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Quickie: A Little Something About the Wii

Found this in one of Kotaku’s shopping contests, the other entries are definitely worth a look as well. Made me smile, especially when thinking about .

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Quickie: Sometimes Blizzard Can Still Be Awesome

The following is “live” in the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta. Apparently the new Maelstrom zone was not epic enough.

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