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Quickie: Digital Distribution Done Right (Almost)

If you haven’t mail-ordered Starcraft 2 yet, chances are that you will be standing in a smelly game store on July 27th to get it. (You do plan on getting it, right?) If you don’t wish to leave your house or simply don’t want to waste time with installing and all that jazz, the newest […]

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Quickie: You Get to Keep Your Name for Yourself

Blizzard just backed down from their plans to use real names for posting on their official forums. While I did not and still do not agree with all the people that cried foul over this – especially those who refused to even recognize any voice that was not of their opinion – I do applaud […]

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Quickie: Curse You Steam

So I picked up Borderlands on Sunday through Steam because it was 25% off – enough of a deal to lure me into a purchase. Guess what, today it’s 66% off instead. That’s €12 I’ll never see again. I think Steam (or the companies selling through it) are profiting from people like me quite a […]

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Quickie: In Defence of Cutscenes

Sice my PC unexpectedly won’t have power for a few hours, you’ll have to wait ubtil monday to read about 10 bad things about FF XIII. Luckily Kotaku provides us with an excellent replacement read today. Without further ado, I’ll give you Brendan Keogh and his take on cutscenes. Update: I just realized that the […]

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Quickie: Dear Bioware, Please Let This Not Be It

There’s an interview with a developer of Bioware’s upcoming MMORPG The Old Republic over at G4, with a live group combat demonstration in part 2. To be quite frank, it looks awful. The healer is simply hitting the game’s equivalent of “Greater Heal” every few seconds while the tank seems to mostly sit still, shooting […]

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Quickie: Cataclysm? When It’s Ready.

Blizzard always had an “it’s ready when it’s ready” philosophy for its game releases, with the last World of Warcraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King possibly being an exception. It seems as if they are back on track now though, as Blizzard’s Frank Pearce just alluded to in an interview with When asked […]

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Quickie: Remember the Dust

So my PC got quite slow lately and crahed in games from time to time. Everest revealed high CPU temperatures which I could fight with increased fan speeds for a while. Ultimately though I had to dismount my CPU fan and clean it completely. I always forget just how much dust a PC can accumulate […]

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Quickie: Blogroll & 8 Bit Starcraft

It’s about time that I added another blogger to my blogroll – the amazing Tesh. His blog over at Tish Tosh Tesh has so many interesting posts on the topic of game design that you’ll have stuff to read for quite a while. Also, he actually works in the industry (albeit as an artist) so […]

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Quickie: Aion’s Banhamminator

You may or may not know that Scott “Lum the Mad” Jennings currently fights spammers and gold farmers in Aion for NCsoft. Either way, he posted a link to an ad against real money trading (RMT, essentially gold buying) the other day which is hilarious because it’s so bad. Seriously, this ad is even worse […]

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Quickie: Skiing & Starcraft II

I’ll be pretty much offline from tomorrow on, spending a week on skiing instead. I have regular posts lined up for you, so by all means drop in and read. I won’t be able to respond to discussion though, and some of the posts may feel a bit dated since they were written last week. […]

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