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Why You Should Buy Starcraft 2

In little more than a week, Starcraft 2 will hit the shelves and I hear not all of you plan on buying it yet. Spinks thinks the game is too hard to get into for an real-time strategy newbie while other players don’t enjoy the competive aspect all that much. Bollocks I say (and will […]

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10 Good Things About Final Fantasy XIII

My flatmate got Final Fantasy XIII the other week, meaning I got to play it quite a bit – what, with me owning both the Playstation 3 and the HDTV the game runs on. Once again I will give you my complete undecided review: Today you’ll hear ten good things about the game, on Friday […]

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Quickie: Blogroll & 8 Bit Starcraft

It’s about time that I added another blogger to my blogroll – the amazing Tesh. His blog over at Tish Tosh Tesh has so many interesting posts on the topic of game design that you’ll have stuff to read for quite a while. Also, he actually works in the industry (albeit as an artist) so […]

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Indie Spotlight: The Humble Bundle

I’m a sucker for digital distribution deals, indie games, and innovative sales models. I’m pleased to introduce to you a package that includes all these for an absolutely unbeatable price: Whatever you want. That’s right, over at there’s a week long deal on a five game bundle that you can get for a price […]

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Dragon Age: More of the Same

I finally finished Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening (How awful is that title by the way?), the expansion to last year’s RPG hit. When I pre-ordered it, I didn’t expect much more than an additional 15 hours or so of Dragon Age – and that’s pretty much what the expansion provided. I still took quite […]

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Flashback: Starcraft

I’m still not in the Starcraft II beta, so to satisfy my need I installed the original Starcraft again and played through the three classic campaigns on the weekend. The game is still fantastic. In fact, I have spent more time playing the old Starcraft again than I spent in total on Dawn of War […]

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Quickie: Linkage

Today’s quickie is all about links. For one, there’s an excellent post by Cinderhelm over at tankspot concerning the future of World of Warcraft raiding with a few interesting game design insights. It’s a forum post, but it’s long enough to be a three-parter on this blog. You don’t have enough to read or maybe […]

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Indie Spotlight: Auditorium

Normally, I focus on AAA titles on this blog, simply because they take the biggest chunk of my gaming time. I don’t just play those, however, and from time to time I get my hands on a nice indie title or two. Indie games are interesting not only because they tend to be cheap, but […]

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10 Bad Things About Mass Effect 2

Welcome to the second part of what you could call my Mass Effect 2 review, ten bad things about the game. In case you missed it, there’s a post with  up on this very site. As with those, my list doesn’t even try to be complete or definitive. Disagree with something? Did I miss a […]

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10 Good Things About Mass Effect 2

Among my most viewed posts on the blog are the two that you could call my Torchlight review, so I’ll adopt the same format for my Mass Effect 2 one. Instead of lengthy walls of text and a numerical verdict that I could never fully justify, you’ll get two posts: Today I’ll talk about ten […]

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