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Friday Filler #5: Savings, savings, savings [Updated]

I have to be at the dentist’s (ugh) in half an hour and still I’m here writing this post for you because time is somewhat essential. As usual, the friday post will be short – today we have a collection of games you should try right now because they are cheaply available in one form or another.

  • Steam has a “five-day-long one-day-only” sale running with different games up for cheap each day. Today you get Dragon Age: Origins for 25% off (€37,49) but there are only eight hours left on that sale. Get it if you haven’t yet! Fallen Earth, a post-apocalyptic MMO, is on the same deadline as well, with 50% off on the initial purchase (free month included.) I haven’t played FE myself but read some good things about it.
  • Also on steam, but available until Monday is the “THQ complete pack”, including not only the complete Dawn of War series (part one with all expansions and part two) and Titan Quest plus addon, but also Saints Row 2, Red Faction Guerilla, and the full Company of Heroes pack. That’s quite a lot of gameplay for €50. Just sayin’.
  • Warhammer Online has an endless free trial now. You can play up to level ten and stay there for free as long as you want to. In WoW this wouldn’t be very interesting, but the Warhammer low-level PvP experience is the best part of the game and you get to play that for free forever. Seriously, even if you have another MMO that you love – if you haven’t tried Warhammer Online yet, just get the trial. You likely won’t have to ever upgrade to a paid version but the 1-10 PvP is worth experiencing.
  • Might add more here later. For now the dentist is calling. Wish me luck.
  • UPDATE: The Dragon Age: Origins and Fallen Earth deals are now over as predicted. The second wave doesn’t look very promising to me – however, if you haven’t played Knights of the Old Republic yet you can get it for €2.24. Yeah it’s an old game, but it was really good at its time and for less than three Euros (and I suppose a similar dollar amount) that’s a pretty good deal indeed. This is another 1-day-offer so pick it up if you don’t own it. At that price you can hardly go wrong.

    (Note that I do not have any affiliation with any company whatsoever except for Google providing my hosting. All these recommendations are simply based on what I think is worth your money and/or time and in no way solicited by the creators of these games.)

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