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Is Mass Effect Enough to Make Me Play CoD?

So Bioware is teasering an upcoming announcement all round the internet. Kotaku predicts that we are going to see a Call of Duty style multi-player spin-off of the Mass Effect series.  That doesn’t seem unlikely, considering that Mass Effect had quite a few players from the console shooter crowd that normally wouldn’t touch and RPG with a ten-foot pole.  The question is, can this work the other way? Is the Mass Effect universe enough to get us RPG people to play a real shooter?

Now, if they would let me fly the Normandy...

In my case, probably not. At least not if it we’re talking about a pure shooter. I have been seen playing shooters, but those moments are really rare. Sure when they had UT 2004 on every PC at the university I visited in the US, there was the occasional late-night multi-player shoot-out, but normally I avoid FPS games when I can.

On the other hand, a multi-player  action-RPG in the Mass Effect universe wouldn’t be half bad. If Bioware doesn’t give us a lobby-based player-vs-player game but more of a Diablo style multi-player campaign, I might be intrigued. Sure, the combat would have to be completely reworked from the old Mass Effect standard and I’m unsure how well an action-RPG can work from a first person point of view, but I think that’s what Bioware would have to try to get me to buy that new game.

How about you? How would this game have to look to make you buy it? Is an even more action-oriented version of Mass Effect even something you would be remotely interested in?

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