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Of All the Games to Revive

I haven’t talked about APB before, even though I was in the beta. Well, technically. In case you didn’t know, APB or Action Points Bulletin, was a cops-vs-robbers action MMO that was live for a whopping 2.5 months this summer. The game was so awful that the creators even put a review embargo on it until a week after launch. Just in case you didn’t deduce that from the game’s extraordinary lifespan…

Anyway, the game’s remains have been picked up by GamersFirst who plan to relaunch the game as free-to-play sometime next year.

Of all MMOs to hit the buzzer over at GU, APB is by far the worst one I've played.

What do you mean, you’ve never heard of GamersFirst? They are behind such smash-hit games as Sword2 and Hükümdar.  Yeah, I never heard about those either.  But who am I to scoff? Start-up game companies have to find capital to make real games somehow and small F2P games are a common method to do that. I just doubt that they have the know-how to turn something like APB into a good game. Likely they’ll add an item shop, maybe remove the voice ads, and be done with it.

Making good MMOs (as opposed to traps for unsuspecting young and /or inexperienced gamers) is tough and turning one that’s awful and has a huge stigma attached to it into something worthwhile seems almost impossible. APB seems like pretty much the worst failed MMO one can pick up and a F2P company like the worst possible buyer. I suppose that fits in some twisted kind of way. I just feel bad for those who bought the game and might get false hopes now that it is coming back.

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