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Numbers! Seconded

Klepsacovic demands numbers and I’ll absolutely second that motion. It is rare for MMO companies to even give us something as simple as subscriber numbers, let alone detailed statistics on player behavior. Some of that could be derived from games like World of Warcraft through the use of mods or parsing the armory at least, but really we know very little about the games we play. This, of course, makes it very hard to make informed judgments of developer decisions. Not that that keeps us from trying anyway.

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So When You Said Unlimited Access

I’m finally (after lots of unnecessary trouble) a VIP (which means a paying subscriber) for Lord of the Rings Online again. That means unlimited access to the game right? Let me try going to this new zone. Great, I can do all the quests without being hassled about buying them. It’s working! I’ll just clear out my inventory first before going forth. The game always hassled me about having to buy access to shared storage (that all your characters can use) before, surely I should be able to use that now. Unlimited access and all. Or not.

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I had no Idea

Minecraft is an odd game.  Everyone speaks about it (or used to), it is not in one of the genres I generally dislike (i.e. FPS), it is cheap and yet I’ve never played it. If I was sensible I would just buckle down and take a look, if only to broaden my horizon. It seems there is a lot to be learned from that game if you are interested in game design. Yet, something in the whole “build your own castle” type of gameplay is deeply uninteresting to me. I’ve seen these huge constructions people made in Minecraft and I wasn’t much interested or impressed at all. That was before I learned about redstone circuits. You mean to tell me I can use Minecraft blocks to build logic gates?

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Quickie: Nuka Break

This first episode of a Fallout web-series looks quite promising indeed:

Snape Kills Trinity with Rosebud

I came back home from the sunny glory that was Puglia on Saturday only to move straight on to some bars with friends. That left me slightly tired the other day so I was happy to discover that there were a lot of videos available from the League of Legends tournament at the last Intel Extreme Masters. One thing to note there was a t-shirt worn by some commentators with the words tank, support, jungle, and carry on it – all but carry were crossed out. These are the four essential roles in a team in League of Legends and the shirt plays on the desire of pick-up players to play the high-profile damage dealing role only. Just like, you know, in MMORPGs.

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I’ll be catching some much-needed sun in the next two weeks and have not prepared anything to keep you guys entertained in the mean time. Somehow summer doesn’t supply me with a whole ot of topics to write about. I hope y’all don’t just run away and I’ll see you again in two weeks with fresh posts for you to enjoy 😉

Until then, go read some of the other awesome blogs out there.


Morality Gear

So there’s going to be alignment-bound gear in Star Wars: The Old Republic, as well as ability that are unlocked depending on your alignment. In a single-player game I’d be absolutely fine with that, I’d even applaud it. (Though, frankly, there is often too little in the form of rewards for people who choose to take a middle road.) I think it’s a horrid idea for an MMO though.

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Quote of the Day

“So if I am not overly enthused about player democracy in games, it’s because I know that I am in a minority and I don’t trust the majority to vote with my interests in mind. It makes me glad that there are devs who won’t give them the option.” – Spinks

On Modding

A comment I recently read over on Google+ reminded me of ´something I’ve been reading over and over again – the alleged fact that PC gamers enjoy modding their games. Sure, some definitely do but that has to be a minority right? None of the PC gamers I know personally regularly mod their games and if they do it is usually for simple things such as the radio music extension for Fallout 3 or being able to run a game in windowed mode.

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Turbine doesn’t Want my Money

Longasc was so nice to give me detailed tips on how to continue my LotRO “career” over on Google+ following my last post. While I did (and still have) various reasons for not wanting to subscribe to the game, I eventually decided to do so on Saturday. I’ll be on holidays for two weeks starting next Saturday, but I thought the play time I could be getting this weekend would still be worth the subscription. Little did I know that Turbine doesn’t want my money and definitely doesn’t want me to play.

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