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Quickie: Linkage

Today’s quickie is all about links. For one, there’s an excellent post by Cinderhelm over at tankspot concerning the future of World of Warcraft raiding with a few interesting game design insights. It’s a forum post, but it’s long enough to be a three-parter on this blog. You don’t have enough to read or maybe you are even one of those lost souls that still raid in WoW? Go check it out.

Is anyone else sad that they are not in the Starcraft II beta? I sure am. There’s some reconciliation, however, in the fact that Totalbiscuit of former WoW Radio fame is documenting his adventures in the beta with his “I suck at Starcraft II” video series. He does, in fact, suck at Starcraft II but his commentary is absolutely awesome. If you don’t know who TB is, make sure to check out his weekly “Gaming the System” podcast and his (almost) daily “Gaming Express”. Interesting news & comment by a fantastic radio personality.

Finally, I’d like to thank the guys over at the Starkington Post for their front-page link love, even though this is not really a MTG site. Maybe some of those new visitors will even stick around, here’s hoping!

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