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On the Sidelines

It feels really odd that a World of Warcraft expansion was just released and I’m not playing it. It’s not as if I really wanted to – because if I did I would just buy the damn thing – but this is the first time in six years that there is something major happening in […]

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Quickie: Sometimes Blizzard Can Still Be Awesome

The following is “live” in the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta. Apparently the new Maelstrom zone was not epic enough.

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The Best Expansion I Won’t Buy

I’m hardly greedy when it comes to coughing up money for MMOs. On the contrary, I try pretty much every promising MMO right when it is released and I’ve had no issues at all buying the last two expansions for World of Warcraft either (as collector’s editions no less). Now Cataclysm is coming up and […]

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Quickie: Cataclysm? When It’s Ready.

Blizzard always had an “it’s ready when it’s ready” philosophy for its game releases, with the last World of Warcraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King possibly being an exception. It seems as if they are back on track now though, as Blizzard’s Frank Pearce just alluded to in an interview with When asked […]

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Cataclysm Raid Improvements

I have to spontaneously leave for a few days and, professional as I am I don’t have a post prepared for Wednesday yet. Luckily, Blizzard comes to my rescue with a pretty nice announcement about raiding in World of Warcraft’s next expansion Cataclysm. Now, I’m still not convinced I’ll come back to WoW for Cataclysm, […]

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We Need to be Able to Make Mistakes

Blizzard poster Eyonix wrote about the stat changes in World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion Cataclysm the other day. The blogging response has mostly been positive so far, Hatch highlights some good changes and Tobold tells us how the removal of defense is a good thing. Alas, Tobold uses an absolutely horrid analogy to make his […]

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Blizzcon Dissected – Part 1: Goblins and Worgens and Titans, oh MY!

The first day of Blizzcon is over and man do we have some news. Some people have had their faith in Blizzard renewed by these. My faith still is shaken, but it’s definitely not all bad. In this multipart series I will dissect the announcements and let you know what I think about them. This […]

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