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In Which I Don’t Talk about WoW

I’ve picked up two (more or less turn-based) strategy games recently – Heroes of Might and Magic VI and Europa Universalis III. Alright, I have owned EU forever but never managed to get past the hurdle of “oh my god, so many numbers”. Now that I’ve had someone to explain the game to me (which […]

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Situational Relevance

I’ve been playing some Magic Online recently and spent even more time watching videos of pro players playing on Magic Online. While I gave up paper Magic ages ago, the game still has a dear place in my heart for various reasons. One is the sheer amount of possible combinations of cards you can have […]

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Quickie: Optimization

There’s a really good post over at Spinksville talking about optimization of characters in MMOs (and how Spinks doesn’t want it.) Be sure to check out the comments on it as well, they are quite worth the time.

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Impact and Complexity

I enjoy complexity in my games and have, in fact, raged against the dumbing down of game mechanics in World of Warcraft. (Well, for a moderate definition of “rage” I suppose.) Game designers will always have the problem of balancing their game’s complexity for both players like me and those who would rather not have […]

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I reinstalled Master of Magic recently, inspired by the news about Elemental – War of Magic, an upcoming Stardock title. The graphics in MoM are beyond terrible (the game is 16 years old after all) and the UI is incredibly clunky. Yet, the game has a degree of interesting complexity that I dearly miss in […]

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