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How Not to Do Crafting: New Vegas Edition

So I finally managed to get some hours of Fallout: New Vegas in and despite the initial awkwardness I must say I’m intrigued once again. That said, the crafting system is atrocious. I mean sure, technically it is similar to the system used in Fallout 3 (something that can be said about most of NV actually), but there […]

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My Crafting System – Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of my open-ended series on my own personal crafting system. If you missed the other parts, check out  and . Today I’ll once again start with a roundup of comments and decisions from the last post, followed by a discussion on how to actually implement skill-based crafting.

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On Time Constraints

I probably left many parallels between games and literature out of my post last Wednesday, but here is one I left out on purpose because it warrants a full post on its own: The use of time to complicate otherwise trivial decision making. To take an example from the Dresden Files once again, the protagonist […]

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Automated Crafting

There’s been a leak of some information regarding the crafting in The Old Republic this weekend. Not a lot and I can’t really confirm or deny it right now as I’m writing this post on a train with only sporadic internet connection. It doesn’t matter though whether the crafting system will really be as automated […]

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My Crafting System – Part 1

I often complain about crafting systems in games but I have yet to make a good suggestion on how a good crafting system could actually look. Today will the first part in a spread-out series of posts capturing my ideas while creating my very own crafting system. If this gathers enough interest and I actually […]

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Diablo III Crafting

It seems that not a lot of interesting news could be found on the Gamescon in the past week – or at least that’s the feeling I’ve been getting so far. One interesting piece of information is Blizzards revelation of the Diablo III crafting system which seems closer to World of Warcraft than traditional Diablo […]

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Enough With the Items Already – Part 1

Have you checked your inventory in the MMO of your choice after an hour of adventuring lately? Chances are that it was full of magic items that might warrant another look, slightly less magic items that will be sold to a vendor right away, ingredients for seventy million different crafting professions, consumables that heal you, […]

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Re: Crafting Cooldowns

I’ve disagreed with Tobold a lot lately1 and I can’t help but vehemently disagree with what he said once again. This time he suggested that a crafting system based on cooldowns would make crafting more interesting, more fair, and wouldn’t kill the economy. I think crafting based on cooldowns is awful and in fact fails […]

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On Oldschool Raiding

A week ago Rohan, from Blessing of Kings, asked whether Blackwing Lair was boring and has stirred a couple of responses about oldschool World of Warcraft raiding.  Keen claims that we should get 40 men raids back, and Spinks wants to grind for resistance gear again. Blackwing Lair was, in fact, boring compared to modern raids […]

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