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How about Some Free WoW Instead?

So you get Diablo III for free when you subscribe to World of Warcraft for a full year. Not a big deal really. Few people will take it and of those, at least half (probably more) will regret it because they won’t be playing WoW for remotely that long. A minority will save a little […]

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Snape Kills Trinity with Rosebud

I came back home from the sunny glory that was Puglia on Saturday only to move straight on to some bars with friends. That left me slightly tired the other day so I was happy to discover that there were a lot of videos available from the League of Legends tournament at the last Intel […]

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Diablo III RMT

Real-money trading (gold selling to all you WoW players out there) tends to belong into the gray realm of activities that are against the terms of service of most online games but are still participated in by many players. Personally I’m not one to buy in-game advantages with real money, but the only reason I […]

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Quickie: Blizzard Targeting a Q3 Diablo III Beta, Q4 Release

Lots of people are talking about yesterday’s investor call over at Activision, but most of them focus on the fact that World of Warcraft has lost 5% subscribers since Cataclysm’s launch. (Anyone surprised about that?) Me, I’m here to tell you that the Diablo III beta is targeted for Q3 this year and that Blizzard […]

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Last year I managed to milk Blizzcon for    , this year I’ll barely get one. Sure, the Demon Hunter class for Diablo III was announced, but everyone knew a ranger-type class was coming and she doesn’t really do anything that’ts exiting to talk about. She looks cool and she throws ‘nades but that’s about […]

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Diablo III Crafting

It seems that not a lot of interesting news could be found on the Gamescon in the past week – or at least that’s the feeling I’ve been getting so far. One interesting piece of information is Blizzards revelation of the Diablo III crafting system which seems closer to World of Warcraft than traditional Diablo […]

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Blizzcon Dissected – Part 3: Martial Arts and Caprica Six

As promised, here’s part three of my Blizzcon Dissected series. This part will deal with the upcoming games Diablo III and Starcraft II. Sorry WoW fans, go reread parts one and two instead. I will start out with Diablo as the new information on Starcraft is somewhat sparse. If you only care about Starcraft, click […]

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