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Dissecting Awful MMO Mechanics – Part 3

Welcome back to the third post of me hijacking Keen’s series on “Old MMO Mechanics I Love and You Probably Hate” where I tell you that I do, In fact, hate those mechanics but where I also see whether there’s anything salvageable in them. Unlike , most of today’s mechanics really are awful!

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Dissecting Awful MMO Mechanics – Part 2

This is part two of my three part series dealing with awful MMO mechanics. If you missed the first part, . Today I’ll talk about the mechanics mentioned by Keen in the second part of his own series in which he views them in a very positive light. Today’s mechanics actually aren’t as awful as […]

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Dissecting Awful MMO Mechanics – Part 1

Keen over at Keen & Graev recently wrote a series of posts called “Old MMO Mechanics I Love and You Probably Hate” in which he is right about pretty much one thing – that I find those mechanics to be terrible game design. Spawn camping, trains to zone, and being lost at sea for hours […]

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Mass Effect 2 Impressions – No Spoilers

I finally got Mass Effect 2 on Monday, which had quite the averse effect on my Star Trek Online gaming time. (Read: I haven’t touched STO since.) I know quite a few of you don’t even have the game yet, or haven’t had time to play it, so I won’t post any story spoilers yet. […]

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